Stock arrival for ND5 XS2

Any idea when the next batch will arrive in the uk ?

If you have an ND5xs2 on order with your dealer, they’re in the best position to let you know when it may be ready.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the current covid situation has not only raised demand but also created component supply issues for the entire industry (and beyond - cars, white goods, you name it) which has inevitably had an impact on lead times and delivery times.

Hi Richard, your statement is valid only for ND5XS2 or also for NDX2? I ordered my NDX2 4 weeks ago but I’m still waiting for a reliable delivery date.

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Unfortunately my local naim dealer can’t get an answer so just trying my luck to see if we have a member with inside knowledge.

Your dealer is the only one who will know.

AFAIK, it applies to many Naim products at the moment. Keep in touch with your dealer.

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The same for my NDX2

Thanks for the reply Richard. Guess I’m just excited to own one.

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My local dealer was ordering 10 at a time from September last year with naim. Said it was the only way to forward satisfy. Lead times then were 8 weeks plus on ndx2 and nd5xs2.

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14 weeks tomorrow since I placed an order with a dealer for a nd5xs2.

4 weeks…Its 14 weeks and still waiting for a date for my nd5xs2

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16 weeks on Friday and still no date !!!

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5 weeks and not delivery date yet for my NDX2.

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Who’s your dealer?

It’s Paul at the HiFi Lounge. I’m sure he’s doing his best.

OK thanks. Yes, I’m sure he is, and I’m sure he’s also being kept fully up to speed on the situation by the Naim reps who are, I’m sure, very keen to supply ASAP.

ND5XS2. Have been waiting 19 weeks on Friday and still no delivery date. Naim must be losing a fortune with people who are not prepared to wait.

ND5xs2 seem to be the one that’s been quoted as much the longest wait. I guess it just shows what a shortage of one critical part can do for a unit that’s in very high demand. I know Naim are doing everything in their power to try to rectify the situation, but it appears everyone is in the same boat at the moment.

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I just got a dealer trade in model.

It’s superb, hang on in there, it’s worth the wait.