Stock Naim power cord

I apologize if I open another discussion but all the others I could connect to were closed.
just one question, is the cable that usually comes with current NAIM electronics shielded?


No, they are not.

the question arises from the fact that I have a slight buzz from the newly serviced hicap, so I was thinking of using a shielded cable.
Do you think it can solve the problem?

I doubt it. The buzz is most likely transformer hum which may be caused by DC on the mains.

Who serviced the Hicap?

from LASA which is the official NAIM service center in Italy.

Ok, that’s good :relaxed:

Does the buzz very in intensity throughput the day? Other things like hair straighteners can cause DC on the mains.

Did it start buzzing after service?

I don’t know, I bought them used and I never connected them before running the service.

feels only slightly in the evening, I was hoping to make it completely mute somehow.

A DC Blocker would probably solve it for you.

any advice on which to buy?

Take a look at ATL Audio

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May be worth reading through the following topic first. It is aimed at the UK, but should be of some value.

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