‘Stones rescued from the bin! Anyone else saved valuables from early retirement?

Now that is lovely. I love the way the frequency dial has Droitwich, Moscow and Tashkent on it. That’s a geographical Venn diagram with a very small intersection!

Apart from The Repair Shop, where would you take something this old for a service? Presumably it’s got valves in it.


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I love it. Inside the rear cover is the circuit diagram.

No Martinzero, that’s bang on topic.

Lovely piece of kit, I’m hitting mid forties and I seem to be developing a retro streak = there’s a focus on quality that’s built to last, unlike much of today’s kit which is designed to be obsolete one day after the warranty expires.

Do you listen to it?

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Only when people say wow, what’s that and does it work? Then I switch it on, takes about 15 minutes to work though, maybe the old valves?

Errr, I intercept old clothes to use as rags…

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So I’m guessing the bread goes in vertically at the front? Novel idea back then.
Does it do muffins?

I get that you don’t like them musically. Saying they are no good is a sweeping statement which may be your opinion but one which many would disagree with.

Btw I am a “younger person”. I was only 6 when the first album was released.


History certainly seems to have taken the view that they were half-decent…

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Naturally, companies were helpful and less secretive then, plus they knew it would go wrong!
Nice find.

I certainly don’t think of myself as old, the Stones first album was released over a decade before I was born.

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Any collectors items in the house i make sure my good lady knows where they are. Then she
Can sell them and use the money for a nice cruise, which she never had because i have spent all
Our money on records.

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If the records are not in good condition you can buy a cheap ion turntable at HMV for about
£50. It is not worth buying an expensive turntable For a few records.