Stones V Beatles

I grew up listening to The Stones a lot more than The Beatles having only in the last ten years or so learned to appreciate their immense musical and cultural influence. Still, if it, when reaching for a record, were a choice of the two, I’d reach for The Stones.
What about you?

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I’m enjoying the latest White Album reissue, particularly the Esher Demos, so today, I guess I will have to vote for…


Thank you, Richard. I have a strange feeling how this is going to end.:sunglasses:

Beatles for me, I tend to reach for their albums more than the Stones. Although often have a phase of just binge listening to the early RS stuff too.

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Even though IORR forum nowadays is the one I follow besides this one I have to cast my vote to The Beatles. After all they were the first love Rolling Stones for me came decade later…

Ah, but who’s the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band, Stones or the Who?

The answer’s in the question IMO.

Never understood the love for the Rolling Stones. Especially “greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” considering they’ve not made a good record since Some Girls, and only a handful before that.

All “in my opinion”, “no offence meant”, smilies, etc. :smile:


Tony, I have the same experience as you. I grew up in the 60’s/70’s listening to the Stones, when everyone around me was into the Beatles. I also went on to listen to heavy rock and latterly many of its derivatives, ride motorbikes and go around causing trouble. Only in the last 2 years have I given time to listen, properly listen, to the Beatles. Outside of their mainstream pop stuff are some real gems. However, I’m still a Stones man at heart.


Interesting results so far . I actually thought it would be much closer like 52-48 .


Very close call Tony, but its the Beatles for me so ‘Let it Be’ …:grin:

ATB Graham

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The Beatles were better in the 60s. Stones better in the 70s. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

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Always been a Stones guy, ever since I used to see them regularly when they were the “House Band” at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond. I’ve got all the Beatles’ albums, but I’ve never played them much - respect them loads, they just don’t move me.


In a straight shootout it has to be The Beatles for me, although its close.However the next time there is different Stones v … thread , there will only be one winner :grinning:

Thanks for all you votes so far. Once I add the postal votes to the final count, it’s gonna be neck a neck.:grin::sunglasses:

Yes, the alternative facts need to be considered… :sunglasses:

This was a difficult choice, but I had to decide which group had the biggest impact back then… For me the Beatles, when their singles came out they just blew apart the rest of the contemporary pop world, like every one else just dissapeared in one fell swoop. The Stones for me had one song which just stood apart from all their other efforts which was Paint It Black .

It has to be The Beatles. Without them I think the Stones would have remained a covers band, a very good one at that.

I watched “Eight Days a Week” recently and I still find it absolutely astonishing that there was less than 3 years between “She Love You” and “Tomorrow Never Knows”. The Beatles set the pace and everyone else followed in their wake, Stones included.


I know I should appreceiate The Beatles, and I really enjoy derivatives like XTC, but they just don’t do it for me. A kind of melancholy descends when I hear them which switches me off. Gimme Shelter any day.



In long lost schooldays, we could be divided into the Stones v Beatles fans, with roughly 75% v 25% in the Scouser’s favour.

Needless to say, I was firmly in the Stones camp, loving the blues tinged music they were putting out, but the final deciding factor was surely comments from my parents along the lines of “I quite like these Beatles” …that did it … game over. :hushed:


I was a Beatles fan from an early age, was in my 20s before I realised how great the Stones were. Even now I listen to more of the Fabs than the Bones, although it’s close, and they both get a lot of runs out.