Stops playing any album after 1 track?

I have a Uniti 2 and recently when streaming an album on Tidal it plays 1 track and then stops. It’s fine if I am playing a playlist so it’s not my WiFi. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

Tidal seems to do that every now and then. I just select the next track and it then plays the rest of the album. Sometimes tidal plays the first track and the jumps a few tracks! So tidal can be temperamental! I am using xs2 streamer.

Once in a blue moon the old range would do this. For me, maybe twice a year. Just power off and on again and it should be right as rain.

If I select the next track it will play that and then stop again. Also have powered off and on to no avail. It’s not all the time but this does happen quite a lot. I noticed there was a software update end of last year. I’ll try that to see if it helps.

Anyone else running the same Tidal account? You can use the same account on multiple machines and streamers but only one at a time. I get the same behaviour from time to time and I generally find my son’s also trying to use it.

Power off, delete the app, power back up, reinstall the app.


Ok thanks Graeme I’ll do that too.

Gavin no just me using the Uniti - no one else is using Tidal.

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