Hello folks

I’m looking for nas storage device to store my music and video files, looking for redundancy.
Any suggestions?
I have Uniti nova , MA silver 300s and Reavon universal player with LG G2 oled TV.

Are your video files in a format understood by your media player or will they require transcoding on the fly to be playable? If native, i ran a qnap 251 without issues for similar purposes.

You can store your files on pretty much anything. It’s the server that interacts with client devices that’s important.
For music there are two UPnP servers that are tried and tested, and well supported by their developers: Asset and Minimserver. Both of these run well on either Synology or QNAP NAS drives. Depending on your tech skills, Asset is generally easier to configure than Minimserver.
That would be my starting point for music, but this doesn’t cover the AV side. I’m not familiar with your Reavon so I’ll leave someone else to make suggestions there.

Apologize let me qualify the ask further. I have to rip the bluray and DVD and CD collection as well.

Is there something like zen mini player which can do all of this and store it for both video and CDs?

Hi patla,

Not that i am familiar with, i ripped my video discs using makemkv on a Mac for playback via a plex client installed on the tv. Needed to run a plex server on the nas and as mentioned, it was fine for native formats but struggled with transcoding on the fly.


I too use MakeMKV for DVD & BR ripping. Like all of these product it doesn’t work with all discs, but most of them. The few stragglers usually get ripped later as the software is updated.

Ripping Bluerays eats up storage so it is worth doing a few calculations before estimating your storage needs.

Also worth considering disaster recovery as well as resilience, I would HATE to have to rip everything again.


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