Strange behaviour ND5 XS2

I had a very strange issue with, I believe my ND5 XS2. I was streaming a playlist from Apple Music, via my MacBook Air. The first couple of tracks played fine then the pre-amp (NAC 202), which has have the display set to off, lit up the CD input button and stopped playing music. Thinking something was wrong with the NAC, I disconnected the NAPSC and the HiCap. Left it off for 5 m minutes powered it back on and could hear the usual faint hum from the speakers. Started playing the same playlist, this time via my iPad. Second time the NAC mute and CD input lights came on. Powered the NAC down as well as the ND5 XS2. Same playlist, couple of songs in same issue. Third time I started streaming music from Qobuz via my iPad. The whole album played through and since the issue yesterday have only used Qobuz to stream via both iPad and MacBook with no further issues. I’ve had the ND5 XS2 since 2020 and never had this issue before. At least I’m assuming it was the streamer…Anyone had this happen?

I recall someone here had a similar problem and it turned out to be another device in the room transmitting an IR signal that was being picked up by the amplifier. May have been a night vision proximity camera.
Do you have one in your listening room?
If not try covering the naim logo on your pre amp and see if the problem persists.

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Thanks no IR in my listening room though. The strangest part is that the issue stopped once I stopped streaming from Apple Music and switched to Qobuz.

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Out of interest, Do you have system automation set up ?

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I would probably try a factory reset of the ND5 XS2.

There shouldn’t be a faint hum from your speakers either. Some hiss is quite likely but there should be no hum at all. If you need help tracking that down then tell us and someone will oblige (but if it were me I would be looking at the position of the ground switches on the back of the units first).

Unless you have system automation set up as @james_n says, I can’t see any way the nd5xs2 can influence the 202. I wouldn’t faff with factory resets yet. It’s much more likely to be the nac remote stuck down the side of the sofa…

No system automation. @davidhendon you’re right not a hum more of a hiss, nothing to worry about that there. I only mentioned it to highlight the point that the 202 seemed to be behaving as it should which led me to my conclusion that is was the ND5 XS2 that was the culprit. However as Andy mentions I myself can’t see how the streamer would influence the 202 but the only input button that lit up on the 202 was the CD (along with the mute on the 2nd occurrence) and this is the input the ND5 XS2 is connected to the 202 (via DIN).

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