Strange behaviour with my Nait 5si with the remote

Hello Naim friends.
Well last day my Nait 5si started to make a crackling noise, like static mix with a buzz every time I use the volume command on my CNX v2 remote ( out of the box was working like a charm to control my Nait volume )
So I’ve took out the drawer the Narcom 4 remote and it did the same thing.
At a point were the tuner light blink’s.
Suppose to be a sign of excess current.
It doesn’t do it when I use the volume pots only with remote?
I’ve try to close everything and it’s still there.
Reset the amp with the Narcom remote, not better
Any ideas??
Thank you for your help.

A strange one indeed! Possibly @NeilS may have an idea here.

I even tried today to put my Cambridge CNX v2 streamer in pre-amp mode.
So the remote take care of the volume on the CNX
Same thing happen the harsh static glitch sound coming out of the speakers.
Coming from the Naim.
That’s gets me worried.

Hi Jpd,

This is not a fault symptom that I have heard of in the Nait5si, if it has a dodgy capacitor in one of the supply rails, it could cause all kinds of funny issues.
The over current protection may be activated if the transient levels of the static noise is sufficient, or if there is limited current available possibly due to a failed reservoir capacitor.
Is it a very loud noise?
Does it do it with all the sources disconnected?


Hello Neil.
Yes it is loud. A good crackling noise.
Same thing with all the inputs unplug.
I did switch on the different input options on the front of the Naim, it does the same sound.
Like I was saying, this happen with both remote.
Nothing change in my system.
Power wise and source wise.
Doesn’t look good…

I agree!
I’m afraid it sounds like you need to contact your dealer & arrange a repair.


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Tank you Neil
That’s what I tough.
I’m lucky to have a service center close To Montréal in Quebec Canada.
I’ll reach them.m and see what they have to say.
Again thank you and take care.

Hello again Neil and Naim fans.
I send my Naim Nait 5si to Naim services center in Repentigny near Montréal in Quebec.
I had a great service.
For the remote problem, they ad to change the volume assembly. The price was good for the repair.
Now that my Naim is back, I’m really happy.

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