Strange Core issue

I have a number of rips from when I first got the Core where for whatever reason it never identified the metadata. I entered the basic album details (name and composer mainly). I have now finally got around to manually editing the track data.

However I have a number of CDs where the edit metadata option is not available (as if it were a download). However I definitely did rip them using the Core.

This is where it starts to get weird, using Windows Explorer, I have been right the way through the Downloads folder (just in case my memory was playing tricks) and through the Music folder and there is no trace of any of the files from the rips. No folder, no meta.naim files, no tracks, zilch.

Yet the music shows in the app under Core and plays through my NDX2 so it is there somewhere.

So why can I not see the files and why can I not edit the metadata?

I have finally found the files in the Music folder in a subfolder “Unknown”. Windows had failed to find them but a tedious trawl through the Meta.naim files eventually located them. So that makes a bit more sense - they had to be there somewhere.

But it still does not explain why there is no longer any ability to edit the metadata through the app.

Probably because the Naim specific file that gets saved with the ripped files have got over-written as these are all in a folder called Unknown.

If you still have the CDs then I should rip them again. And if you don’t, then copy the files from the Music folder to the Downloads folder so you can edit the metadata there.

But how best you delete the old files in the Music folder is a question I’m not sure of the answer to.

Thank you David.

I should perhaps have mentioned that within the “Unknown” folder there are a number of these rips each with their own subfolder. Each of these subfolders has a “meta.naim” file and a “rip.naim” file; are these the Naim specific files that you meant?

The app and NDX 2 show the cover art and the name of work and composer as I originally input.

I do still have the CDs. Finding them is rather more of a challenge buried deep in the loft somewhere behind a pile of Naim boxes. :slight_smile:

Copying to the Music folder may be the pragmatic solution. But I remain curious as to why I can’t edit the metadata - I have succeeded in the past I am sure.

Ah so that theory bites the dust. I suspect it happened in a Core firmware update, although you have to be old to remember there ever being such a concept as a “Core firmware update”. Nevertheless there were some, over the years. I will try to remember to raise it if a Core update comes into beta. I suggest you also report it to Naim Support, but don’t do that until the new year as they are apparently all off for the hols now.

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I do remember a Core update (maybe 2?) during my ownership.

I will raise it after the holidays as you suggest. Thank you.

Yes joking aside, there have been quite a few, just not recently.

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