Strange Insect

Found this nasty looking dude today buzzing around on the floor of my garage - anyone any idea what it is? A bit like a large wasp with elongated body and brownish wings, about an inch or more long

Looks like it could be a horntail or wood wasp, it seems to have lost it’s stinger. Here’s a picture of another one:

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Thanks, looks like it alright, it was struggling on the floor which might explain the lost stinger. I’d just got a large delivery of logs so it would seem to make sense, fairly harmless apparently

Looks like the harmless Giant Horntail, or close relative.


Maybe that one. From Wikipedia:

“ The giant Sirex, Urocerus gigas, is a species of hymenopteran insects of the siricidae family, the larva of which gnaw through wood by digging galleries in various species of trees, as well as in felled wood and in frames. It is present throughout temperate Eurasia”

You can some quite large beasties coming out of a log delivery. btdt

My father-in-law used to work at a timber mill which used to process hardwood that came from the far east. He had tales of some quiet frightening things that used to come out of the foreign wood.

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