Strange thigs happening on my NDX2 sources files

Just replaced my HDX with a new NDX2. Loved the HDX but it was getting to that age where it might start having issues and the ability to fix it (drives, boards, etc) was an unknown. So I converted all of the WAV files on the HDX to FLAC to facilitate metadata use on the new streamer. Copied all the FLAC files to a NAS and to a USB drive and connected both to the NDX2.

When I use the NAS server, under the servers input option, everything is fine. When I use the USB drive, I have the choice of using the “USB” input on the NAIM app or the “Local Server” (same USB drive plugged into the front USB socket) under the servers input option. The metadata works much better when using “Local Server” than on the “USB” drive but half a dozen CDs show no content on the “Local Server”. It’s there on the drive, you can see it on the NDX2 “USB” input but not on the “local Server” input.

There are about 370 CDs (folders) on the drive and about 3800 individual songs (tracks/files). Any ideas what’s going on? @stevesky?

To give Steve a break I think you would find that there is an issue with the metadata for those files that don’t show up via local server on USB. The easy fix would be to sort the metadata out with any metadata editor, for example MP3TAG or DbPoweramp. Or just use the NAS of course.

Thanks David. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know what metadata issues would cause this. And another thing I noticed on one of the CDs is that the “local server” source had no songs listed on one occasion and had them all there on another (this hasn’t happened with the other 5 CDs, though)

I guess I could re-rip them using different software (the originals were ripped to WAV on the HDX and then converted to FLAC on the HDX)?

You could re-rip if there aren’t too many of them. In any case re-ripping one would be interesting as a test case. But otherwise looking in a metadata editor would probably show you what the issue is.

It’s far easier to use a NAS, so why not just do that? That assumes it’s a decent NAS of course, such as Synology or QNAP. You say it’s connected to the NDX2 - normally you’d just put the NAS on the network with no direct connection to the streamer. Maybe that’s what you’ve done. You can then use the USB to back up the NAS, but not use it to actually play music. The most commonly used upnp software is Asset or MinimServer.

You will probably find the tracks are there under “Local Server”, but the metadata is incorrect, so they dont appear where you think they should be. Best to home in on a couple of examples, and use something like “mp3tag” to check what the metadata says

Another option is just to use the option “Rebuild music database” then leave it on for say 30 mins and recheck

Thanks all. Yes, the problem appears to be the metadata database created by the HDX. Of course, everything worked perfectly on the HDX both before and after converting to FLAC. but copying the data from the HDX to a Thumb drive either misses something or is not 100% compatible with the NDX2’s internal handling of metadata.

I ripped one of the CDs using Exact Audio Copy’s FLAC option (and the Remote Metadata Provider) and replaced the files on the USB drive and I’m seeing the files now. The only thing that doesn’t show up is the album art but I replaced that manually.

So I’ll go through the other 5 or 6 CDs that didn’t migrate properly and I should be all set.

As for why I ant to use the Local Server (from the USB drive) option, well, I just didn’t want the NDX2 calling up the main home server when I can have a local option (that’s just me - maybe a hangover from 15 years with the HDX)!

Indexing and metadata are a right pain. Different servers present albums in different orders - the word ‘The’ in the album title or artist name being a prime culprit (eg The Beatles appearing under B or T). As for the metadata I think the issue in respect of ripping is that CD’s were not designed to be ripped and be part of a library that is searchable by composer, genre, etc. They were (are) designed to be popped into a CD player and played whole of have tracks selected and that’s as sophisticated as it needed to be. I am fed up with Classical boxsets where say 4 of the 5 discs are ‘Symphony’ but (for some reason) 1 is ‘Orchestral’ - even though it is a Synphony. You v
Can of course correct all of this as you rip or edit it post rip when the issue becomes apparent. But isn’t life a bit short to muck about in the weeds?

Yes that’s why you use a NAS or if you want to muck about even less, a UnitiCore.

True, but I don’t think there’s any good reason the other options shouldn’t work.

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