Stranger In Town!

Saw this Marantz CD 60 on online special price thought id invest.
My first new CD spinner since my beloved CD5xs a lot larger too its a also a new look for Marantz .
Sound? not bad at all one the features that appealed are two digital filters and 3 headphone amp gain setting(coolio)
Had a few Marantz CDs over the years beginning with the classic CD 63mk11 KI couple of budget ones and even a Pearl lite model.
How does it compare to my CD 5xs? well not at all bad its a different sound of course but to my 70yr ears still sounds very good it does take a bit of getting use to a different sound after being a Naim CD user for so long but all in all a worthy p

roduct to come off the subs bench! and the CD playing is ‘Aja’ Steely Dan


I recall that Marantz were once part of the Philips group of companies, operating in the Far East - their CD player was one of the very first to be marketed, and was used (in rather different ways) as the basis for the Philips (CD63?) and the Meridian CD player with an additional electronics tray tacked on to the underside of the player.

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Yes Philips made some of the very best CD drives as for Marantz the CD 63mk 11KI was my very first top notch player and recall meeting the much missed Ken Ishiwata at the Bristol shows in the early naughties.
They briefly were hooked up with Denon but are now a standalone maker
As far as i know the CD drives in Naim’s players were Philips derivitaves?

I think the current CD5si uses a Sanyo mech.

Still with Denon and others under Sound United LLC.

I stand corrected said the man in orthopaedic shoes!


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