Stranger things....wild animals vs suburbia

I’m no herpetologist, but even if I was and highly skilled/experienced, I don’t think I’d get so close to this character as the neighbour did:

Follow the BBC link to see the neighbour with the ‘docile’ creature in question. I’m sure it’s a lovely animal, just call me a pussy!

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That was of great amusement to me as I grew up in Chandlers Ford, and well know the street in question (just couple of hundred yards from the family home).

What was more interesting was the difference in reportage between the Beeb and the local newspaper. Especially the “quotes” attributed to the lady who wrangled the Burmese python. On the Beeb, it was a “big softie”, on the local rag it was a “dangerous beast”!

So we appear to have two contrasting stories attributed to the same source. You can draw your own conclusions.

Best quote was one from that ubiquitous source, A-local-resident, who said, “Omg I would poo myself.”.

Followed closely by, A-reader who said: “This is within slithering distance to me. I need immediate therapy.”


It’s the picture with the recumbent neighbour that amazed me, the snake is probably more muscular than Dwayne Johnson’s thighs, it may be docile but heck you’d have to be brave to pose for a shot like that.

But as someone once said,

"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"


Not sure if you’ve seen the movie but huge pi$$ take at 10-12 secs, plus it’s Sandra Bullock :grin:

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