Stream straight from Tidal app

Is it possible to stream from the Tidal app to the Naim Atom? Not such a big fan of using the Naim app for everything, would rather go straight through Tidal.

I’m afraid not. You may be be able to use Chromecast but I’m not sure if the Atom supports it.

Yes. Chromecast, Airplay or Bluetooth. Play track in Tidal. Tap on album cover lower left corner. Tap on casting icon lower left corner. Options for the above will appear. Select and enjoy.

This isn’t able to play master files like from the Naim app though. Is there a workaround?

MQA? Naim doesn’t support that format and defaults it to ‘hifi’.

Oh right. Is hifi FLAC then? And is there still no way to use the Tidal app to stream hifi instead of via Naim?

FLAC is a compressed, lossless music file.
As Graeme has said you can use Chromecast. You may well be sacrificing sound quality though.

That’s why I’d rather use something like Spotify Connect for Tidal, but I don’t think that exists

I’d rather use San Izal than Spotify, it’s less painful. :wink:
Or you could just use the Naim App, it works well enough and filters out MQA.

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