Streamer bypassing pre-amp of Supernait 2

Gentlemen, I would like to tell you about my listening impressions relating to the CXN v2 streamer used as a pre-amp coupled with the supernait2 used in av-bypass mode.
Intrigued by the words of my dealer, I tried this new configuration for a few days, thus excluding the hicap dr.

The listening impressions I had can be translated as a greater opening of the stage and a (perhaps) greater lucidity of the sound message. . . all this at the expense of less focus and a decrease in the ‘density’ of the music.

Forgive my non-technical language, I simply reported the sensations I felt in doing this short test.

I would be very curious to hear your impressions if you too have tried my same configuration.

Anyway I prefer the supernait 2 ‘hand in hand’ with the hicap dr.

I look forward to your feedback or advice on this. . . .

I have made an edit to ensure the title is more appropriate to the text.

As for your findings, they are fairly consistent with my own where I’ve used a digital source and tried to bypass the pre-amp in the system; an increase in a sense of “purity” and cleanliness but ultimately less impact to the sound, less sense of drive or rhythm to the music making and much less engaging to listen to.

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I initially used the pre-amp output of my Lumin P1 streamer into the AV input of my SN3 + Hi-Cap DR because the vast majority of professional reviews said the P1 pre-amp was excellent.
However, the P1 fixed output into the SN3 streamer input thus using fhe SN3 pre-amp is far superior in sound quality.
When I demoed the P1 it was using the P1 pre-amp output into a Chord Ultima 6 power amp and that sounded awesome which is why I bought the P1.

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