Streamer disappears from App

I am (fairly) new to the forum. I was on the old forum way back …
Anyway … here is my problem
I have two (old style) streamers … NDX and ND5XP. I Use them purely to stream local rips on an QNAP server with Asset. I use my Android mobile phone (Moto-G) to control stuff.
I am on wifi internet (It would not be practical to run a cable).
My problem is that when I switch on my phone and start the Naim app sometimes I see 2 streamers, sometimes one and sometimes none. (Most of the time everything works).
Suppose I don’t see the NDX. If I switch it on and off it appears immediately. But if I press buttons on the front and/or switch buttons on the remote it reappears in the Naim app.
I have a second problem with the app. Whenever I select an album and set it playing I put down the phone. When I pick it up (say 10 minutes later) it is back on the home page of the app and I have to select streaming etc.
Thanks for any suggestions

Try changing some settings. Sleep on the the NDX - change this to never. On the app itself change this to always connected (Settings- Other settings - Stay connected)

Also, try manually cycling to iradio if you can’t get it to re-connect. I’ve had plenty of the same issues with my NDX, also using Android. There are definitely some issues with the app. But it’s an awesome sounding bit of gear when it works.

Generally the recommended process is: restart your router, wait, restart your streamer and install again the app.

Many thanks for the helpful suggestions.
I went into the app and on the settings for the ND5 I was able to change to “always connected” but with the NDX when I select settings / other-stuff it just jumps back to the main screen before I can change anything.
I will reinstall the app tomorrow.
Even though the NDX and the ND5 are on the same version of the software they seem to behave differently (There is maybe 5 years between them in age).
[Neither has a radio but I think only the ND5 has bluetooth which I never use]

Also I will reboot both the NDX and the ND5.

I uninstalled the app, rebooted the streamers and reinstalled the app. (I seem to be on the latest version).
The app is now allowing me to set “stay connected” on both streamers.
[I have not changed any setting on either streamer – I want to try one thing at a time]
I will report back in a week or two about progress (if any)
Thanks again everyone for the suggestions

I accepted and resigned.

Since I set the streamers (in the app) to “Do not disconnect” things are working much better. I don’t think I’ll make any more changes for the present. Thanks again.

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I thought I had this sorted but yesterday the NDX disappeared from the app. I then did a network scan and it had disappeared.
However, I pressed various buttons on the front of the NDX and on the remote and it reappeared on the network (I did not have to switch it on and off).
I will investigate changing some of the setting on the NDX. Most (if not all) of the settings are the default ones.

Maybe the new TP Link Ti Fi WiFi 6e router would help. It has robotised antennas, moving to capture the best signal.

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Yes this happens to me on NDX occasionally, and very occasionally on 272. Selecting iRadio and leaving it for a minute or two usually gets it back and it finds itself again on the network. Seems to be worse since last app update. I also swipe the app up and ‘off’ on iPad for good measure.

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with this problem. If it’s commonplace maybe Naim can fix it in the next software update.
I will try the “iRadio” trick the next time I encounter the problem.
I will also look at menu options on the NDX and see if there is anything I can change that looks like it might improve things.

Yep, my app is losing the room with some regularity since the latest firmware update. This was not an issue prior to the firmware update and nothing has changed in my network outside of ios/nas firmware updates. Luckily it’s somewhat infrequent but still happens unfortunately and is annoying when it does.

I had some of these issues with my iPad which is an older model. Never with my phone or on the mac.

Things that I have done recently that may have helped include moving the router to nearer to the NDX. Then I went s step further and connected the NDX directly. Since then most of the issues have gone.

Is moving your router a possibility?

Essentially the streamers need to be able to respond to the SSDP protocol.
Sometimes some consumer wifi systems, unfortunately more common with Android devices can have some time out type interoperability issues with a particular protocol called IGMP, and this means the streamers drop out of the discovery group when a device on wifi tries to discover them. This means the streamers may disappear from the app, perhaps temporarily or unless you do something on the streamer to force rejoining, such as power cycling or initiating some other function.
You might find using a different Android device or iOS device improves things.
If you use some high quality consumer routers like the BT SH2, they contain a function called an IGMP Querier as standard which helps prevent these sort of timeout issues.

If you use a SH2 or are manually running a querier, say you have configured this on a Cisco 2960, and you still see, then you may have an issue with your wifi product, though many consumer devices have improved in this area in recent years due more people using IoT type devices.

Later Naim streamer software is more tolerant of such home network issues in this regard, but ultimately the software is dependent on the correct interoperability of the home network elements.

I have a Vodafone broadband modem/router. I have a QNAP file-server and a Dell desktop computer both connected to it by cable. I have the Naim streamers connected via wi-fi. I do not use any sort of switch. (I did not configure the modem/router. All I did was change the password from the one provided).
I use Fing to scan my network and see what’s connected. I noticed that when one of the Naim streamers disappeared from the App Fing could not see it.
I will investigate further the next time a streamer disappears.

No not really. I have no issue here with multiple control apps and systems, but I do use a IGMP querier on my home network (BT SH2), so no very unlikely to be an ‘app’ bug as it these sorts of issues are nothing to do with the app per se.
This is network, wifi device operating system, or host related.

Ok, what are you scanning with fing… are you scanning UPnP SSDP responses (UPnP services), or a response from the streamer MAC address?
If the latter (which is what you do with a basic fing scan) then that is curious as it suggests there is a fundamental network (ie poor WAP interface implementation on router or streamer failure.)
When you run fing and your streamer disappears, try also running fing or an equivalent on an Ethernet connected device. If that shows streamer, but your wifi fing didn’t… then I would look at replacing your wifi solution… or first see if you device works correctly at your dealers or a friends house.

Out of curiosity do you have a good quality wifi signal at your streamer… is your wifi busy and getting a high level of collisions or interference. You may want to consider a mesh of multiple low power access points if you haven’t already, and have an access point in the same room as the streamer.

Streamers can work very well with wifi… I do with some of mine… but I do run a wifi system that handles devices switching to low power, and IGMP well.

Here is one of my wifi connected Naim streamers using Net Analyzer… you can see it is responding with UPnP services (blue U). This has a small Ubiquiti mesh access point nearby in a conservatory.

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Thanks for the responses …
I am only using the Naim app on one device (my mobile phone). I have not tried any other apps.
I am scanning the network using Fing on my mobile phone. I am using the free (limited functionality) version. I originally installed it as an easy way to find out the IP-address of the QNAP file server. (I needed that information to login to it).
I will try to get more information on the quality of my wi-fi. (I used to run a Squeezbox and it never had any problems so I assume my wi-fi is OK. I am only using the wi-fi for music screaming and/or light internet access. I do not have my TV connected to wi-fi). I will install Fing on my desktop and run it from there the next time the NDX streamer disappears.