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Hi all. Naim newbie here, I’ve gone through a major system upgrade since the summer and recently decided to try the ‘Naim sound’ and bought a DAC V1. Sounds amazing when I play a CD via my CDT, but streaming via a Bluesound Node sounds quite dull by comparison, even using Qobux Hi-def.

Wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a good streamer that pairs well with the DAC? I’ve been looking at the Innuos Zen Mini 3, as from what I’ve read it will be better to use the USB input on the DAC than coaxial.

Does the Bluesound Node have volume control.

I recently connected a Ndac to a SBT, the volume of the SBT was set at about 50% and sound was pretty poor. With the volume set at 100% the sound quality is top notch.

It does and I’ve got it up at full volume. Don’t get me wrong it sounds nice, but a CD is a good improvement. Not sure if it’s just because CD is going to sound better anyway, or if a streamer upgrade will improve things

I use a Mac mini with my DAC-V1 and have done so very happily for about 7 years but you might also like to look at Sonore Rendu streamers.

Best regards, BF


Sonore opticalRendu fed via a Shunyata Venom USB cable into my V1 sounds pretty amazing if you ask me, but you’d also have to consider a power supply for the oR, and a way to feed fiber into it (Sonore opticalModule being the preferable) so it can get a bit pricey. But you’d be at NDX level (with a good power supply and dc cable for the opticalRendu) for about $2k or so all in (depends on the LPS).

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Another vote for Sonore microRendu with DAC-V1 but as Charlesphoto has said there is scope for upgrading.

Talk to Martin at the Audiostore.



@charlesphoto @jazzman22 thanks for the recommendations. After being a lifetime vinyl man this is all new to me and there’s a lot to learn! Fascinating though and it’s going to be fun exploring how good digital playback can be. I’ll talk to audiostore and see what they can suggest.

Cheers, Chris

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Don’t give up with the Node… its a very capable streamer for the price.
How have you connected it to the Naim DAC?

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You will find Martin is very helpful and generous with his time.


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The microRendu is also quite good with the V1 - I started with one in 2016, upgraded the board to a 1.4 model, and then this year upgraded to the opticalRendu. Sonore has a new 1.5 version of the mR out for $399, though used ones can be found pretty inexpensively (just saw a 1.4 board version go for $250). The ultraRendu can be had used as well if you don’t want to deal with fiber and the oR. I initially ran my (now office) UQ1 into the V1 via BNC digital out as just a streamer, but realized it was a waste of the UQ and not using the best feature of the V1, its audiophilieo USB input so the microRendu came out just as I was making this decision and was a perfect fit.

I’m assuming the OP is in the UK in which case:

  • MicroRendu V1.5 £395
  • B-stock £365
  • 2nd. User V2.8 software £305.

PSU is extra but you don’t need to spend more than circa. £100.

I have the MicroRendu V1.4 with the latest V2.8 software and a CiAUDIO 7v power supply.


I’ve used a Chord coaxial, the Node only has coaxial or optical digital outputs.

Thanks Dave. This really is a steep learning curve for an analogue man but enjoyable. What software are you referring to when you sat V2.8? Roon?

I believe he is referring to the version of software installed on the Sonore microRendu. I myself currently have version 2.7 installed on my microRendu.

The Rendu series (including the microRendu) of course are supported Roon endpoints.

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Yes v2.8 is the latest software for the MicroRendu.


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