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Hello to all,
I would like to add a streamer to the nDAC + XPSdr. What do you think of an ND5xs2 used only as a transport? It is an important investment for my pocket but I would trust in the good quality of the spdif output to nDAC (with DC-1 cable)
Thanks for your suggestions

I’m interested in this too. Several people seem to have gone down this route, but it does seem an expensive way to add the transport/ streamer, and leaving you with an unused DAC (and then begs the question if the DAC in the nDAC is better than the DAC in the ND5xs2).

I’m not sure how important the transport is, and if it is critical why don’t Naim make one? But for the price of the ND5 there are lots of options including streamers and servers. So can’t help but will watch with interest.

Hate to be a broken record …but, I would borrow a Meridian 210 as a part of your demos.


Bluesound Node 2i feeding nDAC?

What are you wanting to stream? If it’s just local streaming fro say a NAS, a ND5XS may be enough. If you want online streaming such as Qobuz, an ND5XS2 would do the trick, but if you’re not wedded to a Naim solution the slightly cheaper Auralic Aries G1 might be worth an audition.


Another vote for the Auralic Aries G1.

It’s just a streamer, no DAC. Everything in it is designed to get music from local or streamed sources to a DAC in the best sounding way possible.

It has a display, can use any remote and has very stable software.

Well worth a home demo which many dealers will facilitate.



I also use a G1 to feed an nDac, so far it has worked very well. One of the plus points on the G1 is the parametric EQ filters facilities, can be very useful.

Those using the Auralic, what do you think of the app assuming you not using Roon?

How does it compare with the Naim app if you know that too.

Are the components named on your profile out of date?

Can you say what your main systems are?


thanks and all for the replies.
For local streaming I use Unitiserve where I ripped about 1500 cd, it is an excellent machine and very quiet. I find the spidif circuit of unitiserve very good, that’s why I would be looking for a ND5-xs2 to use with Qubuz and roon. I trust a good spidif output which I guess is not easy to find. Unfortunately the characteristics of these connections are not known and the producers do not delve into the news.

You went from Nds/ Dave/Mscaler to Auralic/ Ndac? Can you give the reasons of your choice?

I only have a Vega (DAC), which has a cut-down version of what the Aries offers, but does use Auralic’s Lightning DS control app. I would put this on a par with the Naim App. The latter has some facilities for ordering favourites on Qobuz which Lightning doesn’t, but Lightning DS will show CD booklets where the supplier makes them available. This includes many classical discs and I find it invaluable. Perhaps the main issue to bear in mind is that Lightning DS is iOS only (no Android) but the Aries is OpenHome compliant so can be controlled by Linn Kazoo, for example.


I will update …

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Hi FR, I had the nDac before the NDS and Dave, just never sold it. I work from home with the lockdown so rejigged my systems and have one based on the nDac.

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How was sounding Nds/ Dave/ Mscaler? A big upgrade vs Nds / 555dr? Or just different?

And a recent update brought a function I never thought I’d use but i find i do - that’s if you connect a CD drive via USB the Aries will act like a CD player, it rips on the fly to the memory in the Aries and plays from that. Apart from a 5 second or so delay when one presses play it’s pretty seamless. It’s great when I buy a new CD where either there is no metadata for yet or more likely is not in accurate rip database yet. I just put the CD in and it auto-plays in 5 seconds and the sound is every bit as good as streaming.


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Thanks Roger…didn’t know about the OpenHome, that’s interesting as I use the Linn app on my mac quite a bit.

Hi, what usb cd drive are you using?

A Buffalo one that Melco used recommend before they marketed their own - kindly donated by a fellow forum member.

From the Auralic forum it seems that most drives work.


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They are all different but sounding really great to me. The NDS is very smooth, the nDAC a bit less smooth and the Dave/mscaler smooth and detailed. The nDac is a real bargain as I got it at auction for around £800.

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