Streamer options for NAC272

I realise my 272 starts to get outdated since Naim part ways with it. But it’s still a great box so I was thinking upping the streaming section with another box so I can get into Roon, Tidal Connect, upcoming Spotify HIFI and more. Any suggestions? How’s Bluesound Node 2i as just a streamer (not dac)? I’ve read about those not being able to hear a difference between it and Lumin Mini for example. Good thing with Bluesound seems to be they LOVE software and are on the new stuff 1 year before Naim…

Go for it. As you say, the os covers all you need and then some, integration wise.

Primare NP5 Prisma, Meridian 210, Allo DigiOne Signature, Lumin U1 mini, … there are lots of options!

Indeed there are :sunglasses: Any recommendations based on experience and also to those who have added it, any chance it improve the 272 further with a great streamer?

Why add a box if you can switch and upgrade?
I know you didn’t ask this, but isn’t it better to just do a jump to ndx2?
Same number of boxes. Gains in everyway

He needs a preamp to go with the 300, currently using a 272. So I guess we are talking 282/hicap as a minimum. Without knowing a budget, £500 for the bluesound is more doable.


Sorry. ( distracted) Forgot n272 was a 2in1. :clown_face:
Automatically assumed an ideal two piece system
Ndx2/ sn3. :sweat_smile:

If you’re happy with the 272/XPS as a preamp, you could add an ND5XS2 and connect it to either an analogue or digital input.
If you want Roon, a cheaper option would be to just get a Sonore UPnP Bridge. That doesn’t give you Spotify lossless, but that may well available via Spotify Connect into the 272. Naim have not yet confirmed this, but I suspect it will come.

Why not a Sonore micro rendu or ultra rendu? Easy to hide behind the 272.

Could be an option. How’s the DAC in ND5XS2 compared to 272/XPSDR? I’m also a bit so so in terms of Naim and their digital efforts. It just takes to much time and platforms are killed too early IMO being an expensive high end brand.

Anyone using Lumin U1 Mini?

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My cousin haves one, with is Chord system.
It’s good but won’t work without the network/app.

I would expect the 272 DAC to perform better than the ND5 DAC when you are using an XPS, which of course you can’t do on the ND5. Still, you would have the option to use either DAC.
Where the ND5 is a clear winner is in the streaming board, which I think you will find is a better performer than the 272. It also gives you access to some higher quality material such as 24 bit Qobuz and lossless iRadio.

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I have a Node 2i in my system which has displaced my SuperUniti as a streamer. I like the Tidal Connect interface and it could work with the 272 either with the Node 2i providing a digital input to the 272 or via an analogue connection allowing you to access MQA files.

Based on my experience I suspect the digital feed might give better sound fidelity.

For the relatively modest outlay, (by Naim standards), you could use it elsewhere if you do move up to a better Naim Streamer in the future.

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I forgot, it also gives access to roon if that was of interest to you.

You could slum it with a Sonos port, disclaimer, I’m probably biased as I have one along with other Sonos products so it makes sense in my system🙂

Decided you evaluate the Lumin U1 Mini. Let’s see how it goes :+1:

Any difference in performance using BNC or RCA digital in on the 272?

Go for BNC wherever possible.

Recommendations on BNC-BNC cables?

Just added a Digione Signature to my 272 via bnc cable …what a piece of kit !

Ropiee XL with upnp render …miles away then before