Streamer/Server - Ethernet or not when using USB

Bit OCD here, but from my Innuos server I plug directly into the Nova BNC and thereafter switch off WIFI and have no Ethernet connected accept for firmware updates.

This does mean no remote or Naim app control, power on and volume, but I have a fixed volume level which I rarely change.

Do Melco owners using USB to their streamer still use ethernet?

I know both the Innuos and Melco isolate the streamer, but surely a benefit…

I have a NAC 272 connected to the Player port on a Melco
The Melco gives the NAC its IP address
This provides a direct and isolated path for the stream
Caveat is you have to keep the Melco on for the NAC to be visible on the network

Hi Rob

I have a 272 and am seriously considering adding a Melco.

Would really appreciate your thoughts on how the Melco works with your 272?

Did your Melco replace a NAS or another server?

Did it make a big difference vs your previous set up, and is it much better sq than web streaming?

I can’t decide at the moment whether to invest more heavily in web streaming, or start to build a digital library.


I have neither Melco nor Naim, but my renderer is in the music store (Audirvana/Mac Mini), and plays via USB direct to DAC (Chord Dave). I therefore am not streaming files from my store via ethernet to the renderer, and consider it a bonus that I have no need to consider whether or not ethernet cables and switches have any effect. Remote control is by wifi to the Mac Mini.

I don’t know about the Nova, but Dave has been designed to minimise the effect of RF (unlike, say, Hugo, which is suffers significantly unless an isolator is placed between

With a Naim streamer you can’t use the USB input, only SPDIF, so the short answer is no.

Hi Jim,
I had earlier made the jump to streaming from CD5X/NAC to 272/QNAP NAS
My Melco replaces the QNAP NAS (for audio) giving a far superior sound
This is further enhanced if you connect your source to the player port, see above
I do not use webstreaming (if by that you mean TIDAL etc.) so can not offer an opinion
I do not support any physical media at all at home, streaming is far more flexible!
It’s also more likely that you’ll better be able to support HiRes files

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Thanks Rob
Do you mean the SQ is best if you connect the player port to the 272 via Ethernet cable and play files from the Melco memory in Direct Mode?

Also, many users AFAIK connect another Ethernet cable from my final Cisco 2960 switch to the LAN port so that files from Qobuz/Tidal pass through the Melco.
But this is in effect I think just using the Melco as another 2 port switch.

Yes as the data traffic is then isolated from your home network
Melco have since added Tidal and Qobuz integration in case that helps

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Yes - but IIRC they can only stream these services via the USB output. Which in my case would mean usb to spdif converter into the 272.

Yes, I’ve seen that Melco isolation schematic - but what does it really mean in terms of how the unit is designed and built?

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