Streamer upgrade for a nDac/HicapDr/SN2 system

Hi all,

Currently I’m using an Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 player connected with an Epic RCA to BNC cable to a Naim nDAC. My speakers are MA Gold 200 5G. As mentioned in other topics I’ve found that the nDAC sounds best when it is fed with a high quality signal. I’ve been wondering whether it would be a reasonable upgrade to change my Innuos for a Naim streamer like NDX. I want to keep my nDAC and the streamer would be used for streaming TIDAL and playing local files, without using it’s internal DAC.

I bought the Innuos with the intention to also rip CDs but I’ve already ripped my favourite collection so I can use it with my potential new streamer. In addition, I’m using the Innuos with Orange Squeeze Player which started to annoy me because the Tidal integration is slow and I lose a lot of time to search for my playlists and play songs. The usage of only USB outputs in the Innuos’ bigger models turns me off because I want to use a RCA output and don’t want to use external USB to SPDIF converters. Unfortunately the new Naim streamers like NDX2 and ND5 XS2 use only BNC outputs but I’ve already bought a RCA to BNC cable so it would be a good the streamer to provide RCA outputs. Do you think I should bother changing my streamer? How would you compare Innuos Zen Mini to a NDX streamer? I know the NDX has a bit older streaming technology but is the difference so big compared to the new one? I can upgrade Naim’s streamers with a PSU so this would also boost their performance. Also, I’m curios if the Naim streamers use RAM buffering like Innuos?

I want to bring up the topic with a more general question. How would you compare overall Innuos vs Naim streamers? For example Innuos Zen vs NDX? I can hardly find information about such comparisons.

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