Streamer upgrade from SU/250DR

Hi everyone. I’ve not been on here for a while as I’d concluded too much time on the forum meant too much time planning upgrades. So I went cold turkey for the sake of my wallet :slight_smile: I’ve been stalking again for a few weeks, as despite the abstinence I’m back to thinking about what next. It’s good to see a lot of familiar names still on here.

I have a SuperUniti which I bought in 2013, to which I added a 250DR in 2015. Next step was going to be a 272, and I got pretty close to pulling the trigger on that when the Gen 2 streaming products started to appear and I thought best to hold off. Ideally that is what I would do as I prefer to keep the box count down, but is the gen 2 272 ever going to appear?

Since 2015 the only changes I have made have been to ditch my UnitiServe and replace with Asset on a QNAP NAS. And then at Christmas I got a microRendu and started playing with Roon. I’ve been a Tidal subscriber for several years, so the Roon approach works really well for me, the hi-res Tidal streams through Roon have worked flawlessly, and I can see myself making that my music library for the future.

So options would appear to be:

  1. Get an NDX2 and use the SU only as a preamp. I had been assuming I would sell the SU to raise funds, but I can probably man-maths my way around that.
  2. Buy a used 272 and use the microRendu and Roon to sort all the hi-res streaming.
  3. Go down the separates route with ND5 XS2, 202/HiCap DR. This would only be viable for me if the remote control integration means Roon app volume control controls the preamp volume.

All my kit is in a cupboard so I don’t need a display on the streamer, hence ND5 would be fine from a usability perspective. The only other input I need is a unity gain AV input for the home cinema system.

I’m not any hurry, don’t envisage any further upgrade (famous last words!), so mostly interested in best sound out of those options.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Why not just get a cheap streamer (like a raspberry pi+digital hat) so you can play Roon and other high resolution media through your SU and 250DR while waiting or the 372?

Hi - sorry should have clarified that. The microRendu covers that base off. It makes the SU uPnP input appear as a Roon endpoint. Works really well. Thanks to the contributors on the various Roonify threads for the tops on this.

So yes - could just wait for 372. What’s the speculation on when that will appear?

As you seem happy with the Roon bridge approach (as am I) a 272 seems a very logical and inexpensive upgrade given the value of your SU vs a used or ex demo 272.

It will be a good upgrade with further upgrades possible with power supplies should you feel the need.

If I were you I’d sit tight with the SU and wait for the new streaming preamp. Sure the 272 would sound better but you’ve waited this long and the new platform is really nice to use and way more flexible.

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Looking at your three options…

  1. I would not recommend this. The preamp is not the SU’s strong point, and this should come as no surprise when you consider that with Naim’s separate preamps, they won’t even put its own power supply in the same box. In the SU it has to share space with a whole host of electronics.
    It might make sense as a stepping stone to a 282 which would be the ideal partner to your 250, but otherwise I would suggest you seek a different path.

  2. This could be a better option, although the streaming section of the 272 is no match for an NDX2. To my ears the 272 only really starts to sing if you power it with an XPS.

  3. Almost a good idea! The only flaw is that you already have a 250, and this really wants to be partnered with a 282 rather than a 202. Then you really need a better source to match, which would mean an NDX2, or an ND5XS2 with a separate DAC. Another option I would consider if that sounds like too many boxes is NDX2/Supernait.

Regarding volume control, Roon cannot see the analogue volume pot in a Naim preamp. You would need to use the Naim remote control for this. The current Naim streamers use a Zigbee remote rather than the IR remote you have with your SU, and there’s a good chance this would work if the streamer is shut in a cupboard.

Thanks Chris and HH

I think sitting tight and waiting for the new streaming pre is thing to do. I can scratch my upgrading itch for the moment by sorting a proper Roon Core.


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We had a SU (+NAP250DR) and decided to pull the trigger on a 272 when prices nosedived after the 272 was discontinued. Haven’t regretted it for a second, the combination is absolutely stunning. Have kept the SU for an office system.

Logic was that if a new streaming pre comes along we can swap out 272 for the new offering (or perhaps NDX2/282), and move 272 on for only a small financial loss. We could live with the 272 for a long time it’s that good, and we only use NAS streaming and a little bit of internet radio.


Hi Iain

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll try to be patient and wait for the next gen streaming pre, but good to know another happy 272 / 250DR owner out there. Have checked out eBay and it wouldn’t cost me too much to swap the SU for 272 so a good option if my patience runs out.


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