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Hi all. Thinking about upgrading my streamer this year. Current system is a SN3, Technics SL1200g for vinyl and Blusound node 2I for streaming - mostly spotify and CDs from an Innuos zen mini.
would really love to stretch to an NDX2 as i really would like to have the screen showing info and artwork.
My question is, at almost 10 times the price of the Node, how much of an upgrade in SQ would the NDX2 be? . Would also consider the ND5xs2 but as said, would rather have the screen.
Thanks folks

Hi Peter is the ndx2 is a stretch then I can really recommend the Nd5xs2. I know you would prefer a screen but using the app is fine and I now use an old iPad mini as a dedicated control. Add a qutest and you have imho something as good as the ndx2 or better. No worries about screen failure either.
I demoed a node before getting my ND5xs2 no contest… by far.


I am not sure who is worried… that is as likely to fail as anything else… I suspect the output relays are more likely to fail.
When was the last time your flat screen lcd screen failed?

The first gen streamers used different monochrome technology that faded over time.

Hi Simon, I mentioned this as I know there were issues with previous Naim streamer screens. If the new streamers are exempt then great, but I understand that screen issues such as the failure you had on your NDX came primarily (though probably not exclusively) with age and so it’s likely still early days re the current range…

Hope I’m wrong of course but no screen is one less ( I would argue unnecessary) component at risk of failure

Yes but the NDX used an OLED screen. The new streamers use LCD like any smartphone and looking at old phones, they seem to work most of the time

Yes of course but you make my point. It’s an observation, you can hold another view by all means

Sure, but Naim did advise they used a different technology to last longer, not dissimilar apparently to LCD TV screens… which in effect is what it is.
But sure … early days… but that goes equally for many of the components.

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You are right that a screen that is not there cannot break*, but I was just pointing out that screen failures on the NDX have no bearing on the NDX2 as the technology is completely different.

* On the other hand, a broken screen is not worse than none

I was using a Node 2i fed by a Rega Saturn R dac. The Nd5xs2 blows it away, as you would expect at the price of course.

The Node is very good used with a separate dac especially, but I think as a transport it would hold you back.

The Naim app works well and it would look good on a tablet. I’ve only just discovered it tells you the file type and bit size , thanks to my newly purchased tablet! Much better than a 5 inch mobile.

I have a SN3 too. Would love a Ndx2 when funds allow, but could also consider keeping the Nd5xs2 and trying a Hugo TT2 as an alternative option.

But that’s a couple of years off, this hobbies too damn expensive and there’s a ton of bills to pay. If the price of the Ndx2 worries you, or the product support life span, then don’t overlook the Nd5xs2.

It’s a plain Jane looks wise, but there is nothing plain about its sound.


Streamer options, there’s so many. But first any good streamer will allow the screen to time out. Really no reason to have the display on all the time, it’s what your phone or tablets for. Do you want a streamer with internal Dac?
Several folks here use Auralic with or without internal Dac’s. Also Aurender is an excellent streamer, I had one for a couple of years. I currently have an Auralic Aries G1, I needed good WiFi, among other features. then into Chord Mscaler and Chord Qutest.( soon to be Hugo TT2) If you don’t want to crush your budget the Auralic Altair G1 would be an excellent place to start. The Auralic’s software is really good. Very stable OS, easy to use, nice display, great Dac, sounds excellent!


In case this refers to the Naim streamers:
One option is to configure the screen to be off during playback, then it is essentially alwas off.
If you want in on during playback but else off, standby does it. And if you want to avoid the unit cooling down despite standby, enable standby as well as server mode. (It’s not very intuitive to find out about this, but it works)

I think you would do well to keep the node to stream and buy a better DAC. Mytek or Chord. Yes, no fancy screen like NDX2 but I suspect sound quality would be same at 25% of the price


I would do that too.

Would also recommend Topping and SMSL Dacs.

I’d try a qutest first. You then have the qutest if you decide you still want to move on to an nd5xs2.

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Can you take your current streamer to a dealer to audition against the nd5xs2 and ndx2? I recently pressed the button on a new ndx2 after my 6 year old nd5sx developed an intermittent fault. After hooking up my nd5 with a similar system, we made our way to the ndx2 which is simply in another league and well worth the outlay in my opinion. That said, the nd5xs2 is a lovely streamer and worth a listen.

Oh and the screen thing really wasn’t a deal breaker for me given that my streamer is on the other side of my lounge! If you want a big screen, check out the new Rose streamers. Didn’t do it for me as I found it too harsh but very cool full sized unit with good touch screen and display

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well Of course the Naims are going to win that comparison. They both have multi-thousand dollar DACs in them. The node is a streamer/dac that sells for $500.

Fair would be stream with node into a Chord Qutest and compare to NDX2 or ND5xs2 (which is the stupidest model number ever)

Er, I take it you do not own a Siemens or Neff appliance or a Sony TV then?

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you got me there!

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Thanks all. just been checking out the Rose RS150. Looks a very impressive piece of kit, sitting (price wise) between the two Naims. Would be Interesting to hear it in action which in Ireland will be almost impossible.
However, as much as i’d love the NDX2, its a bit over my budget so i will probably settle on (not for!) the ND5xs2


I doubt you will be disappointed! There is a future upgrade path via improved DAC such as chord quest. Good luck…