Streaming Alternatives

Hypothetical question - but do the collective feel that a 272 Mk2 (when it arrives) would be better than, say, a base 282 + ND5 XS2 (ignoring the practicalities of the extra box)? Just thinking of future upgrade paths…

Nobody knows :slight_smile: There might even be more than one model

The ND5XS2 is a weak source to use into a 282, you would really want NDX2/XPS to get a balanced system for your comparison.


The performance of the old 272 was significantly improved by the addition of a power supply, so it will probably depend on exactly what you’re comparing with the 282/ND5/HC combination.

I don’t doubt the advantages of the NDX2. Due to a rare strain of Covid, I seem to have haphazardly upgraded almost everything such that I unexpectedly find I have a XS3 +HCXS + 250DR and have a ND5 XS2 on order, though at present it’s a race between the ND5 and the second coming of Christ (and the ND5 is losing). Therefore it seems obvious to me - at least - that my next step is to replace the XS3 for a 282. Or - is it to replace everything and go for the 2-box 272.2/250DR??

Sure, but the 282 sits much higher up in the Naim Classic range, and good though the ND5XS2 is, it’s an XS level source and not a good match for a 282. If you want to climb the ladder that far I would cancel the order now and get an NDX2 instead.
If you want to wait for a 272.2 or similar to appear, if it’s predecessor is anything to go by you will need an XPS to power it if you want it to come anywhere remotely close to the quality of a 282.

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That’s all understood and appreciated. But I can only afford tiny steps and cancelling the ND5 XS2 doesn’t allow me to buy a used NDX2, with or without a XPSDR. I have 3 years to retirement and thus my final system, so I’m in no hurry

OK but you are still contemplating a 282, which with the required Hicap power supply is a £6.5k preamp. Better to aim for something more balanced such as perhaps NDX2/Supernait rather than a mullet you can’t afford to improve.

But why go/pay for another integrated amp when half of it is made redundant by my 250?

Perhaps because selling the 250 would help fund that NDX2 which will give you a balanced system. Sure, it would be a shame to lose the 250, it’s a great amp, but if you want to end up in a good place you need to feed it with a well matched source.

I’m not interested in a solution that requires me to sell my 250


@Stilts hi. I suspect that there is a whole revamp of the Naim range going to happen but who knows when. Expect the styling to be the new white logo as on the Solstice turntable. Where a new 272 fits with this who knows. As others have said a 282/250 is ideally matched with a NDX2, with or without an external PSU, but it will work perfectly well with a ND5 just not quite optimised.

Enjoy the music.



The 250 is a superb amp and I would also recommend that you keep it and create a system around it. The additional of a 272 would be a fine addition to make your Wilson Benesch speakers sing like you have never heard them before :relaxed:

That’s what I’m thinking…

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I’m surprised more Naim user don’t use WB. Those of us who do love them

Seconded. Wilson Benesch make some fantastic speakers (I used to own a pair of Arcs) :relaxed:

Then if you want a well balanced enjoyable system you should be prepared to spend the cash on components that match the quality of that 250 you rightly hold in such high regard.
A well matched system would be NDX2/XPS/282/Hicap/250. If that’s further than you want to go the 250 will only expose weaknesses in the source or preamp.
It’s so much easier to build a well matched, enjoyable system if you start at the source and work downstream.

My ex (dealer) was a big fan of WB. I never seriously listened to Naim / WB but is still on the agenda.

I would give the Atom HE a listen. The Atom HE has balances outputs which you can connect to a power amp and this might well work for you until / if the 272-2 arrives.

I’ve not listened to it yet, but will do it since it would meet many domestic requirements here.

I agree Chris, and had I started this process in a more orderly and informed manner then it would probably be easier. But, as I said, I’ve three years to get there and it’s s nice to have a target; if reading these forums has taught me anything it’s that it often seems to be as much about the journey as the destination, and many contributors have systems that might seem mismatched from a distance, but which happen to work perfectly for their ears/room/budget/spouse

If you can stretch, a 282/250 would provide you with very solid foundations for your entire retirement. Digital moves fast, and a long life might require changes to your front end… But it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. At this point I would make any effort possible to get the foundations right — for years to come… For a long-term system I think it’s short-sighted to put preamp and digital into one box…

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