Streaming audio: wishes for 2021

What kind of streaming audio device, software or system do you wish from Naim for next year? A new server? A new streamer? A new software?

Just fix the current firmware.


I grew bored of what some might say has been Naim’s petty and childish refusal to answer the long standing question, so replaced the 272 with something better on the used market. That’ll do for the next few years thanks.


I am going to start the ball rolling. Possibly a controversial one, but would like to see Naim introduce MQA support.


I thought that ship had sailed ?

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So what did you replace it with?

Ah…the Betamax of the hi res world.


ND555 making use of the 555PS from the 272 & 252 + SCDR, with the required additional shelves due any time. Is good.

Given the price differential, even second hand, one would hope it’s better than good! Enjoy.

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I would like a Naim streamer with no on-board DAC, since I use an external one. Something to compete with the DCS network bridge, Auralic G1/or 2, and Antipodes K series.


I’d like to see the V side of AV integrated into the classic range or indeed even with a new product launch along these lines. As mentioned elsewhere in the forum this has already been achieved through the Focal arm of the group and lightly touched upon by Naim with their Uniti products. As the visual aspect of our lives is fulfilled by ever increasing definition and larger images I’d like to see high quality fully immersive music step up in the music room and then into the rest of the household.

Would love to see Roon (and their hardware partners including Naim) fully supporting family listening and accounts.

Qobuz and Tidal have family accounts, Roon has a poor “profile” implementation that needs fully re-imagining.

From Naim, it would be good if each installed controller app supported an individuals own Qobuz (or Tidal) accounts.

Dedicated network streaming transport would be ideal.


A Classic Series server and network player with user replaceable drives, support for MinimServer 2 and Asset, capability to act as a UPnP, Airplay, Chromecast and Roon endpoint, wired and wireless Ethernet and high quality SPDIF and USB outputs. No onboard DAC, please.


Less is more?

A standalone streamer and a standalone DAC pls.


All Naim kit to come in a quality silver finish.

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How about being able to pair up a couple of Mu-So QBs to form a stereo pair? Maybe even integrate with the Mu-So as a central speaker for tv use?

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Quality transport only, multi room, external app upgradeable - qobuz, tidal, a n other, with a remote control with basic on/off and volume controls.
Separate quality DAC.


All on Silver option…