Streaming - cheap - can it be done?

Is there any way I can get a “cheap” way of streaming music?
I really do not want to get into the price level of my other gear
Can it be done without loosing too much sound quality?

(CDX2, Rega P10, Superline, NAC252, NAP300, ATC SCM A40)

Raspberry pi… under 100 of eBay ready built with Roon capability


Raspberry Pi with an output board for Spdif would suit. Number of choices, a lot go for the Allo Digi One. The cost really depends on your budget. The pi is about £45 with psu and card, output board rang frn £30 upwards. You can change the PSU to linear one for future upgrades if this floats your boat. I use several pi’s in to DACs via USB and I feel they are perfect. I don’t believr streaming needs to be expensive, the money is better spent on the dac, speakers and amp in my view and that’s what I have done, with exception to my Atom system.


Yamaha Wxad-10 £150 doesHi Rez Qobuz Tidal Spotify Premium and streams from local network. App is naff and no digital output but sounds good.

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Cyrus soundkey attached to your computer or phone. Great for screening potential purchases - in my case vinyl. Sounds really good with hi res streaming and cost £59.

Thank you all for suggestions.

Im a real streaming-noob, and I will reveal my lack of competanse by asking: Will I need a DAC too?

Cheap is, of course, relative. An inexpensive solution with a good, family-proof interface would be a used Bluesound Node 2 or 2i on that large auction site.

They have an integrated DAC, an optical input and output and an analogue RCA output and Bluetooth. We have one on ethernet just as a transport feeding into an nDAC and one on wifi connected direct to a pre-amp.

They do multiroom and all the usual online services such as Internet radio, Quboz, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.

Although I prefer my NDX, they still deliver good performance for casual listening and just work out of the box.


It’s ridiculously complicated. What’s wrong with turntable amp and speakers :joy:
The Cyrus soundkey is a dac. So you use your phone or computer attached to the internet either WiFi or hardwired. Phones and computers have dac’s in them but they are not great in general. The Cyrus ( and there are other better more expensive usb dac’s eg dragonfly products) is able to process hi res streaming. My view is either go cheap and cheerful- or go full in and spend thousands…

Bluesound node 2i. Around 500 dollars. More elegant and straightforward than PI. If you are not a computer tekie like me. Just plug and play, all in one streamer dac, with Qobuz and Tidal.
You add an Ndac , and you have near Cdx2 sound for around 1k .


Depends how cheap. Previously used sqbx duet or touch if you have a pc to store your music, and wifi in the house. Nothing else needed except a din to phono cable. Can be improved when you want by adding a separate better dac later.

Honestly? To match your turntable? No chance.

Knowing what I know now, something like an Audiostore Prestige music ripper & server, a Sonore EtherRegen internet switch (with standard Uptone power supply), a Naim NDX2 and some Designacable CAT6a Ethernet cables will get you to a quality that is a little ahead of your CDX2 and a bit below your Rega P10.

You can go for posher servers by Innuos or Melco, you can waste a fortune on posh cables, you can add a posh power supply for the EtherRegen later on (I just have, after a year or so) if you wish, but to achieve the sound quality from streaming that you enjoy from a turntable is not cheap.

Or, buy an XPS-DR for your CDX2!

Hope that’s not too blunt or direct, for it is well intended.

Best regards, BF


An NDX would be relatively cheap for the quality offered - you would need some kind of NAS also. Oh and I suppose an ND5XS mk 1 would be cheaper again and also reasonable quality and keep with the Naim sound

Ndac and pi based streamer. Simples and sub 1k.


I actually already have a XPS (olive) for my CDX2.
I never listen to cds.

The streaming (Tidal for me) is ment as a tool for checking out new music, and perhaps a bit of listening if the recording is impossible to get on vinyl.

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Squeezebox Touch. (Second hand for under a ton).

I use one streaming to Tidal and ripped CD’s from Nas to Ndac. Sounds very good via coax and optical.

Or connect direct to pre-amp.

A few apps available allowing control from mobile phone.

No DAC needed if you go for a stand alone streamer ie Yamaha or Bluenode. Personally if you’re manly going to use it like I do to see what new music is out there before buying vinyl keep it cheap first. If you like streaming after a while then look at something like the ND5XS.

You will need to invest heavily to get near to your TT. I have an akurate level LP12 and my cheapo solution is miles off but still listenable too and great to pick albums to purchase on vinyl. You could spend £499 on a blue sound node or £449 on an audiolab 6000n which would still be far off in sq terms, but a bit better than a usb dac and a computer or phone

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I connected an Amazon echo dot to my Naim system for my wife to stream Spotify to the Naim.
Would this Yamaha be able to be controlled by the Spotify app so she could continue to use her phone to select what she wants to play on the Naim?

Bluesound Node 2i.

Ridiculously good SQ for the money, great connectivity and a good app.

I do not even bother with a separate DAC.

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Are you talking about online streaming, and/or from local store to complement CD and maybe one day replace?

You need a player (and store your own music) - some suggstions above, but you can also use a smartphone or any computer.

As well as that you do need a DAC, and for anything remotely hifi that means something a lot better than the average computer or smartphone. The DAC is a key component in terms of sound quality, and will determine whether streaming is poorer than, similar to, or better than you are used to from CD (latter possibility at least from your own store). The Audioquest Dragonfly is said to be remarkably good value for money (3 models, from £90-270). The there’s the Chord Mojo DAC at about £400 — or Mojo + Chord Poly which gives you a complete streamer including music store for ~£800. Once you get up to the Chord Qutest DAC at £1200 you’re into serious hifi territory.