Streaming dropping off

Hi all

Have a Naim uniti wired directly to router and MUSo on WiFi. When I stream music from Spotify or Unpn from the MUSo, and then link in the Naim Uniti the MUSo plays fine but the Uniti has buffering issues and the music drops off. Would have thought it should be the other way round. Has anyone come across this?

Hi, unless your Muso is the new Mk2 version, it has a rather basic WiFi module, which could be causing this problem. With multiroom, the stream is going to the Muso, then back out again to the Uniti, so maybe it is struggling with this extra workload. Does it work any better if you use the Uniti as multiroom master?
Also, to test my theory, can you connect the Muso via Ethernet, at least temporarily, to see if this improves it?

Hi have reversed things so that the Uniti is the lead device in Rooms, all Ok so must be the weak WiFi, would be nice if Naim addressed this issue in a firmware upgrade



If the cause of the problem is WiFi performance, I’m afraid a firmware update isn’t going to help. The dated 802.11g WiFi in the Musos is possibly a limiting factor here. Having said that, the performance will also depend on the other hardware running your LAN, and the environment in which it is operating, and it may be that you can optimise things there, and get better performance. Still, if you have it working reliably using the Uniti as master, maybe that’s all you need to do.

THe Muso runs fine on its own even with Hi-res, so at least I know the Uniti has to lead in a MultiRoom situation

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