Streaming from Core to MacBook

I realize this has to be a neophyte question, but I can’t find an answer so far: Normally, I stream from my Core (or Tidal, etc) to my Atom. No problems doing that. However, sometimes I want to listen to the music on the Core while I am at the computer (16" M1, MacBook Pro). I can find the Core easily enough – that’s how I download files from the internet to the Core, but I can’t find a way to play more than one track at a time on the Core to my Mac. Quicktime Player is the Mac default and it’s pretty unimpressive. I can only play one track at a time, not an entire album.

There must be an easy solution to this problem. Is there other player software I should be using? Am I missing something obvious (but not to me). Thanks in advance.

Apple Music? It can play from a local library, so if you give it access to the music folder on your Core it should be able to use it.

I don’t think that works. I don’t want to subscribe to Apple Music (and you need to do this for Music to automatically add files to the music library. I could also assign the library location to one of the folders (Downloads or Music) but not both, and then the Music app takes over and tries to reorganize my Core! Not at all what I want. I don’t think there is a way to simply give the Music app access to folders with files.

I’m sure you don’t need a subscription to use Apple Music to play locally stored music. You will want to set AM to not move files to the designated Music folder on the Mac hard drive. It’s been a while since I’ve tried this but it worked fine with my Unitiserve.

If you can’t get that working try VLC. It’s a simple free app that will discover networked music files and play them on a Mac without getting AM involved.

I have mconnect om my M1 mac, might be worth trying the free version.

Second the suggestion of mconnect - sees all my drives including my Uniti Serve

I tried out mconnect and it is exactly what I was looking for! Having splurged my $8 for mconnect, I didn’t try out VLC. Great resource this community and thanks to all!

Hope all you Brits (and Continentals) are finding somewhere to stay cool. :sunglasses:

I have my Music library on a Synology nas. It works flawlessly. So it should work with your Core. You don’t need any subscription to add files to your library.

I feel like the linn software can also do this for you for free.

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