Streaming from remote pc


Not sure if this can be done on the Nova as i am not techie enough to know. Mate has suggested a few of us rip our cds to a server/pc he has set up. Can the Nova play these files over the Internet if I have the correct info?


Perfectly doable. However, check the laws wherever you are, I suspect you will be walking in to a legal minefield.

Yes did think of that will only be 3 off us and not open to anybody else . Just in the testing stage as was not sure it would even work


Still probably illegal, even if it’s just two of you!

I suspect this is technically more tricky to get working than it might at first appear too…

Apart from any issues with the legality of file sharing, I reckon it would be a whole lot easier, cheaper and more reliable to copy stuff to a hard drive/memory stick.

Plex (free) set up on the central server/NAS, with a specific port open in the host’s firewall will support remote access, certainly from Plex clients (iPad, PC, phone) which have to be paid for supports video(films etc.) as well as music. See their site for more info.

Yep very easy to do with BubbleUpnP as well as Plex as I do both to get access to my library when away from hom. Legality is suspect if sharing with others but then ripping CDs is notl egal either for a lot of places yet we all do it.

Without wishing to sound stuffy, I think there is quite a moral difference between ripping CDs you own (and keep) so you can listen to them yourself from your digital store on the one hand and collaborating with others to access each other’s CDs without paying anything extra to the artist (ie theft) on the other hand.


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So I take it you’ve never lent a friend an album or cd or made a mix tape for someone else? People have been sharing music with each other for a lot longer than the internet.

No actually.

I often borrow CDs from friends but if I like them then when I give them back, I buy for myself. It doesn’t cost me much.

Think I may have opened a can of worms here so have told mate it’s a bad idea.

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