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I have a question: I will relocate to mainland China for work for some time, and will be taking my uniti atom. My primary way of listening music is streaming and with all the International streaming services are blocked in China, how could I stream music through Atom? Of course I can use VPN to use Spotify from my computer but how am going to use Atom for that?

Install a VPN on your router possibly?

Can’t you sign up to one of their streaming services? I presume some will support Chromecast and/or Airplay, but certainly bluetooth. Or do they not have western music?

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VPNs are blocked, and or, forbidden there. We have a nightmare with our medical products there that for set/up need to be online to Europe. Maybe, along with the only allowed, “we chat” and “we pay” there is “we listen” 24/7 approved music!

If you play rage against the machine, there will be police abseiling from helicopters.

Good luck, I cant see this OP situation working TBH



There are plenty of music streaming services in CN. I just spoke to a CN colleague and he listed/recommended three. I’d ask your colleagues for suggestions (I don’t think I ought to post links, or even obfuscated ones to stay within forum rules) and use Chromecast to send to your Atom.

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Three letters: NAS

Be your own streaming service. Assumine you’ve not already chucked away the physical collection.

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With an Atom you can simply put the music on a portable drive and plug it in the back. Even easier.

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Take as much music as you can on a hard disk or usb stick and find out about online capability while you’re there? (1YB, for example, can carry 100+ albums…l).

I suspect there are differences in online service accessibility depending where you will be located.

Hint: Chinese opera is very different in sound to western opera - I can’t stand the sound!

Having music local (portable drive) would be the safest I would think - also means there is much less dependency on the internet connection as well. But I guess it also depends on whether you own local copies of the music you listen to.

The four types of music streaming services that Naim supports are not blocked in China. But they often don’t have enough bandwidth to run smoothly. I live in Shanghai and both Tidal and Qobuz usually run well. Vtuner also works well. Spotify will stop its service to you a month after you leave your homeland.

So if you have a good mobile phone package, you can try setup a hot spot with your mobile phone, thus you will be identified by Spotify that you are still at home. Also you can try local ISPs with good international bandwidth. In Shanghai, China Unicom is usually regarded a good one. VPNs are often helpful to increase streaming performance if you have one.


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