Streaming incidental costs

In the main desktop app if you like something via streaming you can download the tracks to storage, but they are in a separate folder to purchased downloads and presumably protected in some way with DRM - if you change the folder accidentally which is easy to do on Mac all those local downloads of non-purchased items are deleted.

It’s just similar functionality to downloading for offline usage in the Qobuz app on a phone.

Even though I have Prime I think they wanted much more, maybe £10+ in the past to stream the hi-res catalogue - may revisit but I got annoyed with the ‘free Prime Music’ selection change a couple of years ago as it messed up everything in the app on my iPhone without warning when I updated not expecting a major change to functionality.

Ah, that makes sense. Not something that I use. Thank you very much for the explanation.

I also pay upfront for a year. I think that saves around 10% on the prime plus music unlimited. Amazon France so I’m not sure what the UK site charges.

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They used to flag offers occasionally, but with Apple Music (family) and Qobuz as well as Tidal (now cancelled) I didn’t think Prime Music was worth it. If I didn’t have Apple Music/Qobuz I’m sure it would be attractive except for the fact I’d have no easy way to output the audio to the Nova in hi-res.

That makes sense. I chose a streamer with Amazon HD capability in the Auralic devices, otherwise I probably would have gone with Naim.

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