Streaming Issues with Uniti Atom

in some cases, when i stream music, instead of the requested track, the uniti starts to stream and ‘old’ track - which i streamed in the past.
what could be the reason for that?

What are you streaming and how are streaming it.

Tidal directly from the Naim (Favorites opetion)

Sorry, I have no idea. I had a weird thi g the song would play to :26, go back :12,play for a bit, then jump ahead where it should be. That seems to have gone away.

If it was roon I don’t know if it could be a “que” or sample thing. I’m sure someone will come along with an answer.

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My atom does strange things like this with qobuz, I have found if I pause it and power it down it still thinks it is playing and goes back, a power reset may cure? Strangely though I also have a nova and this has never done this.

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