Streaming live from Nait XS

Hi. I want to live stream a radio show playing vinyl- Linn LP12 turntable has Lingo power supply and goes from the Nait XS via a Dynavector P-75. I have a 5 pin male DIN to 3.5mm jack cable but where at the back of the power amp should it attach? AV in/out, HDD in/out (what IS HDD) or AUX 2 in/ power out. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. It took me ages to work out what you meant - first I thought you were trying to listen to it, not produce it! Silly me. The answer is to use either AV or HDD - they both have an analogue out. Under no circumstances use the Aux 2. This provides a power supply for a Stageline phono stage. Presumably the jack plug goes into whatever you have that converts the analogue signal to digital so that it can be streamed. It all sounds great fun.

HDD stands for hard disk drive. It’s a weird title and I guess it effectively means your streamer. Both AV and HDD are tape sockets, with both inputs and outputs. You’ll need to ensure that your lead is an output lead, rather than an input lead. I have a suspicion it will be the latter unless you specified it as an output lead when you got it. If you look on the back of the amp you will see which are the output pins. You can then open the din plug on your lead and ensure they correspond.

Thanks, but when I look at the back of the amp there is only one DIN AV and one DIN HDD- both say in/out. I’ve hooked up an ipod to the AV in/out and it plays, so I guess I have an ‘in’ cable. No chance it works as an ‘out’ as well?

No, as it’s a jack connection it’s either in or out. If you have a soldering iron you could rewire the pins at the din end. Otherwise, you need a different lead.

OK. Thanks for all your help. All the searches I do, even with the word ‘output’, don’t seem to point me in the right direction. Any tips?

Ah. Think I’ve found some. Would you expect an output cable to cost considerably more than the input variety?

Contact Flashback cables - they’ll sort you out with the right cable for not a lot of cash.

As James said above, Flashback Sales cables are really good. Just ensure to specify din TO jack. This one looks ideal.

Yes, exactly the same one I’m looking at. Thanks everyone!

Glad you got some good advice! Welcome to the forum.

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