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So been trying a number of Android apps, ended up with dbpoweramp but decided to pay for USB Audio Pro, but sadly neither let you play downloaded Tidal or Qobuz content with these 3rd party apps, I can kind of understand this but each app you have to login to your account.

Yes I can listen to a small amount of HiRes ripped music stored on my phone, but to have the stream MQA and 24bit of 4G :sob:

Do any apps or standalone media players offer a play from downloaded Tidal or Qobuz.

No, you can only play the downloaded content from within the Tidal app. Qobuz is presumably the same.

Thanks @ChrisSU shame i really liked USB Media Pro, but even my data plan (20GB) would not last long streaming MQA and 24bit Qobuz, plus the network buffering issues.

Just curious, what’s so good about this USB Audio Pro, then?

Basically the new Samsung/LG/Sony mobiles all have fancy HiRes capability, but Android defaults them all circa 320, the likes of dbpoweramp and usb audio pro and others, have their own codec totally bypassing android, in short it sounds bloody good.

Strange, my Sony portable player runs Android, and will play hires and DSD.

Unless you access developer mode and modifying the settings, it defaults to android, for Sony it should use LDAC, but i use Sony 1000MX3 and this is where i came across the issue.

Mine’s a portable player, not a phone, so I guess sound quality and hires support are higher priorities. Pity they have effectively hobbled performance.
You could always try Onkyo HF Player, works well to play hires and DSD on my iPhone, and I believe there’s an Andriod version. Still, I don’t think anything is going to allow you to play downloads done as part of a Tidal or Qobuz subscription unless you use something like a Dragonfly DAC with wired headphones.

Yep all Android phones and Tablets except a few LG models that have a very good DAC will use Android system audio which generally converts everything to 48khz. Some apps get around this .You need for the whole use a usb dac to get the best out of it.

Unfortunately the offline modes for all streaming services are limited to their own apps for reasons of rights management. No other app can do this.

I use USB Audio Pro with my phone and Dragonfly Black. Sounds great but I only use the full Res Tidal and Qobuz on wireless not via phone unless I have no choice but on the move it’s too unreliable . I did have mqa working from Tidal on 4g last week as at the inlaws and they don’t have internet m, but it eats your data, but much less than hires on Qobuz.

On my current Samsung it fully supports USB Audio Pro, so allot to gain but alas only on WIFI.
You would think the likes of Tidal and Qobuz would up their game, or maybe Google do not allow it.

Maybe Naim should enter the Mobile phone market or at least co brand like Bentley.
Sadly i can see Naim supporting iPhone :nauseated_face:

There’s no way Tidal etc. are going to allow access to downloaded music for other apps, as they are tied to your subscription, and only work while it’s active They will be concerned that you may be able to access and keep the files.

Gosh — one learns something every day. Do Apple products also downsample audio?


Not sure about Apple, but then they are not really bothered with lossless and the ecosystem is locked down

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