Streaming (multiroom) question (Naim app)

I have a Unity Core (attached directly to my Linn hifi) a Muso Qb (gen1) and Muso (Gen 2).

From the Naim app i can play the contents of the core through the Linn. I can also play from the core to either/both of the Muso’s using the multiroom function.

Does anyone know if there is a way to play the same track/album to all three devices at the same time (in sync) using the multiroon function? I cannot find a way to get all three devices recognised in the multiroom section of the app.

I presume you have an SPDIF connection to the Linn. Unfortunately you can’t sync this with the network connected Musos. Like most Multiroom systems, Naim’s is proprietary, and will only sync with other Naim streamers.
Depending on what exactly the Linn system is, there may be a way to do it using AirPlay, Chromecast or Roon.

Yes, the Core is connected via SPDIF to the Linn.

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