Streaming Paradise Radio on UQ2/Superuniti

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Been a bit slow to the uptake here but I’m really enjoying Paradise Radio right now as it’s been recommended by a friend. Can I play this on my UQ2/SU?


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Yes Radio Paradise can be played on the Superuniti. I am listening on mine right now :slight_smile:
On the Naim app, simply tap on iRadio and on mine, I can then click on “Naim Favourites” and within that section, Radio Paradise is already there.
It’s listed multiple times for the different different bit rates.
I’ve added the station to my Favourites too, so it’s easy to find.
Otherwise, if it’s not listed for some reason on your own SU, you can browse by country location, USA, California, Radio Paradise.

Thanks so much. Super helpful. Mine is in for a service at the moment so as soon as it’s back I’ll check it out. Really love the station. They curate a great set list

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Yes you can listen to Radio Paradise directly from the SU (and all other Naim streamers) I believe. There are 3 RP streams in AAC 320bit and You can save them to your favourites for easy selection. There is also now a workaround you can do by using minimStream software on a NAS to play the FLAC versions of the RP stream as well. (Do a search on this forum if you have the means and interest to try this out)

Super helpful thank you Don!

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