Streaming Qobuz to Chord 2Go or Poly

Is there a way to stream Qobuz directly to a Chord 2Go or Poly, as opposed to using Airplay from the Qobuz app?

The screenshot of an online manual indicates you can enter your Qobuz credentials in Chord’s GoFigure app, but I don’t see a way to do it in mine.

When I click on the music note icon at the bottom, all I get is a list of internet radio stations.

Curiously, my 2Go’s play mode is shown as “Automatic” whereas the Poly’s play mode is listed as “Everything Else”.

I am lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I should add that I simply cannot locate a page called “Music Serviced Login”.

Hi Snarfy,

Good streamer.

I have used it with Roon and via Linn Kazoo, as it works with UPNP.

For the latter you need to set up a Bubbleupnp server to expose the 2go/2yu. Kazoo can then find it.

The advantage of UPNP is that if you use the SD-RAM sockets the cards are set up as UPNP servers and are seen as sources in Kazoo.

Any music on the cards can be played direct via the Chord app, that you screen shot.

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The Poly and 2go are slightly different. I only noticed when I changed Poly to 2go. You have to select Roon or Everything else on the Poly but the 2go just had automatic.

With both I used Mconnect. There is a free version but for a fiver or so I got the full version. Once set up it’s pretty seamless and streams hi res quite happily. You log into Qobuz from the Mconnect app so all you playlists a favourites etc are there but I don’t believe there is any way of streaming direct from the qobuz app.

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Fantastic, thank you. I was able to get going with the Mconnect app. It’s not quite as good as the Qobuz app but at least I’m streaming in high res now. No reason I can’t switch back and forth.

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