Streaming Quality

Does anybody know why Bluetooth streaming through the Tidal app seems considerably more accurately presented than WiFi through the Naim app. Thanks.

I experience the opposite, as Bluetooth - app tells me - reduces the bit rate and I perceive that with lost of clarity and separation.


No, because it doesn’t.

Issues with your setup if it does.

I’ve found input trim on the input setting in the Naim app. Sorted out the different in volume between Bluetooth and WiFi. There’s still a difference between them, not so much that Bluetooth is better than the WiFi but it seems to have some sort of artificial enhancement that forces the individual instruments to more defined prominence. The WiFi getting the refinement win, with the Bluetooth presenting more forcefully. Any ideas?

Maybe I’m about to say a false statement - and if so forgive - but perhaps when using Bluetooth the phone decode and re-encode the stream, while WiFi leave the source stream to be encoded by the Naim, using the device DAC?

If this way, the device can apply any sort of changes to the sound.

I think Bluetooth is a digital signal. It will require decoding at the other end whether the source has its own day or not. I think it’s likely things like Forward error correction and Frequency Hopping Signal Transfer probably produce a different result. Thanks for the replies. :+1: