Streaming Radio Paradise via USB

I read a post on this subject in the last few days but now I cannot seem to find it. Anyone got a clue?

If you’re asking if this is possible with a 1st gen. Naim streamer from an iOS device, then yes, you can play from the RP app and use a standard Lightning to USB cable to connect to the streamer.
Set RP to ALAC for best sound quality.

Ahh it was your post that I read over the weekend. Still can’t find it though!
RP ALAC sounds really good using this dodge. I tried this method with Qobuz a couple of months ago but the sound showed no improvement over Spotify Premium. I’ve also compared FLAC over USB music with Spotify Premium and found no improvement, same with streamed Tidal HiFi v Spotify. RP is definitely different which is puzzling :thinking:

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