Streaming rates paid to artists by Qobuz

We all know of course that buying an artist’s physical product or even their download generates the most income for the artist and that rates paid by streaming companies to artists are pretty low.

Nevertheless, I was interested if anyone could verify the average rates paid by Qobuz for streaming. I recently came across an article which suggested they were significantly better than Tidal which is itself a bit better than Spotify with YouTube being the worst by quite a margin.

The figures in the article were for 2018.

A further article was published for 2019 figures but mysteriously Qobuz wasn’t listed in the figures at all:

It seems to me that if the figures in the first article are accurate, this is something Qobuz should be talking about a lot more.

Low revenue from sales of recorded music has of course become even more of an issue since COVID-19 has meant live performing, most artists’ main income, is out of the question.

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