Streaming Server for NDS

I’m looking for a server to sit between my router and NDS for streaming.

Since switching to Audirvana running on my laptop and connecting via UPnP I’ve noticed an improvement in SQ and both Tidal and Qobuz work perfectly (unlike native Tidal via Naim app).

I’d like something as simple as possible with a user friendly dedicated subscription-free app that will run both Tidal and Qobuz so I don’t need to keep firing up the laptop. I tried Bubble UPnP but just couldn’t get it working.

All suggestions welcome

PS is server the right word to describe this?

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Get a Mac Mini. Install Audrivāna. Put the Mac Mini running somewhere on the network, Download the Audirvāna app. You’re done.


I, too, am looking for a more elegant solution to this, hopefully without involving a full blown computer!

I’m rather hoping you find something to my advantage! :grin:

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So far I’ve narrowed it down to:

Mac Mini running Audirvana

Innuos (not sure which model)

As far as I can tell Innuos has its own dedicated app so Audirvana and subscription not needed

I have an interest in this too.

Someone suggested a Lumin mini on the other thread.

I already have an Auralic Aries Mini which has a DAC and which I have run connected to a 252 input. Has anyone tried the Auralic with digital out into Naim streamers or NDAC?

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Innous: Pulse or Pulse MiNi. With an NDS, probably the Pulse

Very tempted to try the Wiim Pro, apparently it offers bit perfect, what it sounds like via coax is anyone’s guess, but I have seen positive comments, and it has a good app which controls everything.

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I had the same dilemma except with my NDX. Got BubbleUpnP working via QNAP NAS going into NDX after getting tired of problematic native Tidal streaming, but Qobuz v slow and unreliable, particularly with higher bitrate albums. NDX still sounds fantastic when it is behaving, and it streams off the QNAP nicely.

Have now gone for an Innuos Zen Mk3, due to arrive next wk. Am curious how it works being fed into NDX as a streamer. Am using a Qutest DAC with NDX.

Bubblesoft works without a hitch on my QNAP. The SQ is sublime and the new Linn App is pretty nice. Bubblesoft was initially problematic on my QNAP (ffmpeg problem) but installing a container running bubblesoft sorted everything out. I wish the OP could get it going b/c it works great and doesn’t require spending thousands$$ of a server.

I have got exactly the same question as yours.
I used to run Upnp bridge with a Pi4 using Roon before my NDS, but when something wrong with NDS’s streaming board, Roon no longer can detect the NDS, then I got an NDX2 instead (only running as a streamer, then use BNC → NDS) and stop using Roon.

Was ok for a while, but when I had the opportunity to use Roon on the NDX2 as endpoint, to my surprise it sound better than using just NDX2 with Naim app (no Roon).

My setup also enable me to use an external Clock/re-clock hardware before the NDS, this improves the SQ in very noticeable manner that I think it is almost essential to have this re-clock process before your DAC.

Therefore, if using a Mac running as Roon Core sounds better than Naim’s own App, makes me think if I need the NDX2 at all? Also trying connecting Mac to the Mutec MC-3+ USB without NDX2 and it seems the SQ is not too bad either.

Other option is to get a Roon Nucleus or someone suggested Grimm Audio MU1.

Anyone here would like to share some suggestion please? Thanks.

Interesting to hear your experience with the NDS.
My Roon and NDS setup has two options: a) server with bridge or b) RPi with RooExtend as bridge drawing music from the server.

Setup a) uses an Audiostore server setup to run Roon. The down side is that I can only run one endpoint at a time, and swapping between them is tedious.

Setup b) overcomes this inconvenience as I can use the Roon interface to quickly move between rooms with my choice of music.

I’m not sure where I would insert a clocking device in my setup.

Use Audirvāna on the Mac and Mac in Mutec through USB. Curious about your findings in comparison with using Roon.

So Audirvana can be used like Roon Core with Audirvana Core on my mac mini? And this setup can push Qobuz to an NDS/NDX2 with the mac mini connected to the network meaning no other cables between mac mini and NDS/NDX2?

I notice Audirvana is much cheaper than Roon and seems to have a pretty nice UI.

You put Audirvāna Studio on the Mac Mini, and the Audirvāna apps on the tablet and phone, and the Mac Mininis connected to the same network as the streamer. That’s all.


That’s been my setup for a while. Early versions of Audirvana Studio weren’t great (bugs, crashes) but it’s been continually improved and now works really well in my system.

SQ with Qobuz is better than other options I’ve tried (haven’t tried Roon).

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And then you can play Qobuz on say NDS just like on NDX2 except you have to use their app and not naim? NDS pops up as a source in Audirvana?


Should be straightforward, plug & play.

But worth noting the ‘RAW PCM’ checkbox in AS settings, as 1st gen Naim streamers may qualify as ‘devices with issues’ e.g. with my NDS, some hi-res streams play as white noise with option unchecked.

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Thanks for sharing about Audirvana. Running Qobuz through it to my NDX2 now. Sounds mighty good. Cheaper than Roon (half the price). Not as many features but much better than using Naim + Qobuz app. And it connects with the music control buttons on my Macbook Air :+1:


Not sure if I imagine things here. But my ears tells me playing through Audirvāna sounds better than both Roon and natively through Naim. Could that be and if so technically why? I notice @Stu299 seem to experience same thing.