Streaming services and cloud backup services that use green/renewable energy for their servers

Does anyone know if there is anything between Tidal and Qobuz in terms of how they power their servers? Do either have any form of commitment to using green/renewable energy?

The same for Cloud Backup services for a NAS: does anyone know if there’s a service other than Apple with a commitment in this regard. I’ve not found anything on the Backblaze site, who otherwise seem the best choice.

I would advise caution on Backblaze, I suspect it’s a remote mirror service not a backup service.

As I understand it: there are many of these servers & they are located around all the regions/countries that they provide a service. They are not ‘owned’ by the streaming services & they just pay for whatever bandwidth they need. So I would guess the power comes from each of the regional power grids.

NB as I understand it. I’m sure the IT professions will correct as required.

Not from what they say and friends who use them have been impressed by their reliability…

Sure, but the question is whether they have any policy on this either in respect of what they do now or what they are aiming for the in the near future. It would be sad for beautiful music to contribute to an ugly future.

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