Streaming Tidal iPad 82

Hallo everybody. I have an old but good system. 135/82/supercap/Briks. I’d like to stream Tidal Master via Ipad. I’d like a decent result but need a cheap option. There are there any viable options? I thank everybody in advance. Kind Regards

Hi Andrea, there are a huge number of options at any price you can imagine. If you can give us a rough idea of your budget, it would help.

I used an Arcam rPlay for a while and it was really good value for money. And sounded great too into my (then) 102/Hicap/140.
It will do Qobuz and Deezer too :grin:

… and you don’t need an iPad.
It will work perfectly well on your Android device, if you have one…

Well Chris, thanks, you’re right.
Let’s say for the moment being I’d like to invest a minimum amount, like say 50 quids. Does it sound ridiculous?!?

I’ll give it a look. At price first

Thanks Mike I already have Ipad

Well the cheapest Naim streamer is an ND5XS2, which costs about £2000, so there are limits to what you can expect! The cheapest solution would be a lead that connects the iPad to the preamp. You would need a 3.5mm jack plug to 5-pin DIN lead. Flashbacksales make reasonably priced ones.
A step up from that would be to use an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC. The current Black or Red models are MQA DACs, so they would allow you to use Tidal MQA. The same lead would work with this.

Thanks again Chris yes I knew about dragonfly and flashback yes. Good product the first and excellent supplier the second. In fact I didn’t specify that I’m looking for a wireless connections … like Bluetooth or Wifi. It allows me to move around and I need it sometimes. I mean bringing my iPad with me. Any further suggestion?
Kind Regards

You could try one of the Yamaha Music Cast devices. The cheapest us the WXAD 10 which has Bluetooth, AirPlay and Ethernet connections. It works very well with Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify etc. Not MQA enabled, but to be honest, that wouldn’t be a concern for me.

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