Streaming Tidal on the Naim App

Hi Guys, Can’t get Tidal to stream directly through the Naim App… states not playing!
I have changed the streaming quality to all different levels on the Naim App… makes no difference.

If I use the Tidal App, works fine through Chromecast!

Using a Muso 2nd Generation Wifi connection
Android Phone
Tidal is HIfi subscription…

Any advice?

Restart your router, then wait, then restart your muso. Should work. You can reinstall the Naim app too.

Hi Frenchrooster, tried all of the above … still stating ’ Not playing’

Hi Frenchrooster, tried the above a 2nd time… now works,

Many thanks!

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We all have to do that sometimes. It’s computer life…
Glad it works for you.

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