Streaming Tidal with no dropouts

Hi. Just thought I’d share this and hope I’ve not spoken too soon. I’ve been using Apple Music for a while as I got fed up with Tidal dropping out all the time but want to get back to Tidal so I’m experimenting.
When I stream using one of my QB’s (x3) or Muso (all 1st generation) as the source during multi room I get drop outs. However, it seems (so far after 5 trials) that when I use my NDX2 as the source during multi room I do not experience any drop outs. I’m assuming it’s has something to do with the buffering capacity of the NDX2.
Has anyone else had similar experiences?

…they did expand the buffering capacity and that did resolve issues with the dropouts. There could still be issues with an individuals home network.

Are you using WiFi for some or all of your streamers? The wireless performance of the NDX2 is much better than that of the 1st gen. Musos, which would help.

Yes, the newer streamers use a different streaming architecture as well as changed memory use with the new approach. Network buffers are I believe the same . However now dropouts are very unlikely compared to the older/legacy streamers.

Im using wired for NDX2 and the Muso’s are wired using power line adaptors

So, I’m sure this sounds obvious - sorry, the main and first source in the multi room chain feeds the other? And that’s why no dropouts with the NDX2 but more likely with Muso first generations?

boflaherty1 I was referring to the NDX vs the NDX 2 regarding enhanced buffering capabilities. I would be lying if I was addressing why the multi-room function has improved since I have never used or set up Muso or QB’s with the multi-room functions.

Powerline adapters can be an easy fix, but they are notorious for causing network issues. They may not provide full duplex, which maybe would explain why they struggle to receive a stream from Tidal, and transmit it to other devices simultaneously. They also put high levels of RFI onto your mains throughout your house.


I use Roon to stream Tidal to each of my systems, including the 1st generation Muso Qb that I have in my kitchen. My systems, with the exception of the Muso are hard wired over ethernet, but I use my Muso over wi-fi.

I have no problems whatsoever with dropouts on my Muso Qb when I stream Tidal to it using Roon. Only yesterday I listened to a 3 hour or so stream of music via ‘Roon Radio’ on the Qb, and didn’t experience a single drop-out.

I do recall that in the past when I used the Naim app, I did encounter dropouts when attempting to stream the highest possible resolution files (eg 24bit/192 kHz) to the Muso Qb. However, I don’t recall any issues when I streamed 16bit files using the Naim app.

I agree with Chris, if you want reliable Ethernet use Ethernet, and not powerline adapter kludges… best thing for them is to unplug and have them disposed of using your local WEEE programme.
Naim streamers are optimised for either Ethernet or Wi-fi connectivity through to your router or media server/NAS depending on which network address is used (MAC address).
Powerline adapters are neither and could trip up the streamer.

Many thanks for your responses guys…much appreciated. I’m still experimenting but now includes Qobuz as well as Tidal.
I haven’t but will move on to using WiFi verse powerline but at the moment still using powerlines (in the past I did experience same level of drop outs using WiFi).
When using NDX2 (Which is Ethernet cable direct to router) as the first and main source I never experience drop out

Out of interest, what is your internet access speed?

It’s 50mb with Virgin modem feeding a netgear router.

Ok that should be ample with the new streamers. So putting a proper Wi-fi deployment or Ethernet deployment in place should sort it.

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