Streaming to multiple rooms

I’m aware that I can only stream to five devices at one time but can I connect to more than 5 (6). Also is my Core consider a streaming device.

If you have 2nd gen streamers the maximum number of streamers in a multiroom group is 8. Obviously your LAN would need to be able to cope, and wired connections would be better here.

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I have a Core, NDX2, Atom, QB x 2 and a gen 1 Muso - 6 in total and they’ll all be wired.

Presumably your Core is just a UPnP source, or do you have a system using it as SPDIF source as well? Either way it doesn’t function as a streamer so it won’t be part of a multiroom group.
That would leave you with 5 streamers, which was the maximum number you could have in a group of 1st gen devices. As long as the ‘master’ streamer that you use to initiate multiroom play is 2nd gen the maximum is 8. So either way, you are covered.

Thank you. It was the Core I was unsure about. :+1:

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Is it party time or are you mourning the GABA pitch?

No I’m building and it’s over 2 floors with a commercial gallery and I like music.

The Gabba’s someone else’s problem. :rofl:

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Good luck with the build.

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