Streaming using ND5 XS

I have just started streaming using my new ND5 XS (old model with screen)
At present I am using it wirelessly (Wi-Fi) with the Naim antennae and it seems OK but has dropped out a couple of times
Does using other connection methods make much difference
Using the mains would be easy enough to install at reasonable cost
Using a direct wired system would not be very easy for me to achieve
Any thoughts

WiFi is not the strong point of the older generation of Naim streamers, and it’s well worth the effort of installing a proper Ethernet connection. I would avoid ‘Ethernet over mains’ connections if at all possible. They generate huge levels of RFI all over your house, and are not always a reliable solution, although they do work for some people.
Having said that, what music source are you using? If it’s Tidal in particular, the issue may lie elsewhere.

It’s well worth the effort to install an appropriate hard wired connection. Time to get the drill out.

At the moment I only listening to internet radio
I hope to download Tidal very soon just need to work out which version to go for
Thirdly I will be trying dbpoweramp on my computer into a portable hard drive initially to see what I think of it
I had wondered about a Core but it has been suggested I might not need to go that expense

I would recommend going for the HiFi subscription with Tidal. It may not sound quite as good as locally stored music, but it will be a lot better than the cheaper lossy streams.
To store and play music you need a NAS, not just USB storage. Either that, or some storage on a computer that is connected to your network. This needs to run a UPnP server. You can probably get all that, and dBpoweramp, for about £300. A Core will do a similar job for £2000. If you want a box that is ready to use and simple to set up, a cheaper alternative would be an Innuos Zen Mini, which is half the price of a Core, and also offers more features, such as Qobuz and Roon, which neither the Core nor the ND5XS can support.

Thanks ChrisSU lots of useful stuff
I had heard about Innuous Zen Mini so can this be used alongside the ND5 XS or have i wasted my money on the Naim streamer?

My daughter & hubby has one, it works OK, its more or less a Core but so much cheaper & is an easy way to rip & store… Personally I much prefer a real NAS & to rip with my laptop using dBpoweramp & most important (for me) to install my choice of media server on the NAS, all this (for me) gives more options & flexibility.

It arguably makes the Naim streamer redundant, certainly if you get the newer Mk3 which has a DAC in it, although how it compares for sound quality, I couldn’t say. Still, it would work nicely with an ND5XS as a UPnP server. You can download directly to it without using a computer, rip CDs, edit metadata etc.

I’ve got a zoneripper which is similar to core but half the price. Sounds great through Naim streamer. And can use Naim mobile app to scroll through UPnP files stored on it. Looks very slick too in back box.

Just looked at zoneripper and like the look of the classic model with a proper CD tray rather than a slot
How does this connect to the ND5XS and how does it access the internet to get the album data

A further question
It is not clear where you can obtain these devices from

All you need is your computer with dBPoweramp and a good nas.

It connects to your network. You just plug it in and connect network cable from zone ripper to your router.

You then feed a cd into the zoneripper. If you go on your Naim network player UPnP on the Naim app you will be able to see all your downloaded CD rips.

Your ND5 XS , NDX or NDS or any Naim streamer will read the zonerippers hard drive and you can then access all your ripped music.

I love it because it’s so easy and don’t need to touch a PC or laptop.

Bought my zoneripper from online hifi store. Plenty sell them.

Whatever storage/ripping hardware you use, you generally do not connect it directly to the streamer. Connect it to your router, either directly or via a switch. The devices will find each other, and when they need to, they will find your internet connection.

100% +1 x 10 and repeat until you don’t consider anything else

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