Streaming via a Unitilite

I have an approximately 15 year old Unitilite and I would like to be able to stream music from Tidal or Spotify. At the moment I’m accessing Spotify via Netflix (the Unitilite is connected to my TV). Ideally I’d like to be able to stream from my (Android) phone.

Is this even possible?
If so, what’s the easiest way to do it, given that I’m looking for decent sound quality.

Thank you!

If you’re not seeing the Spotify or Tidal inputs in the Naim app, or on the display, it will be because the firmware is old. You should update it to the latest version which is 4.7.
If you haven’t done a firmware update before it might seem a bit of a faff, although it’s actually quite easy once you’re used to it.

You can download the update here:

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I used to own a uniti lite and used to access tidal and Spotify connect through the device, but you will need up to date firmware and software as others have said, and it sounded superb.

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Thank you very much for the advice - much appreciated. I’ll order a RS232 to USB cable today then embark on what does look like a daunting process.

In the factory settings, system status menu ‘version’ is 3.23.00 and ‘boot’ 2.3.0. I presume this means I’m OK to go ahead with the latest update.

Thank you again.

Sorry to be dim, but I’m actually not sure which kind of update port I have. Is this the mini-usb or the RS232?

Thank you

It’s the mini-USB type. Make sure you don’t accidentally use one that carries power only, as supplied with some USB chargers. You need a data cable (obviously!)
When you download the 4.7 update from Naim’s website it will include an instruction sheet. Read this and follow it to the letter. When updates fail it’s nearly always because the user has missed a small detail somwehere.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. I’ll get the cable ordered. Just checking: In the factory settings, system status menu ‘version’ is 3.23.00 and ‘boot’ 2.3.0. I presume this means I’m OK to go ahead with the latest update?

Yes, on version 3.23 you’re OK. Anything earlier than 3.0 is where you would have problems.

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OK, well I have installed the firmware successfully (found a cable in my drawer), connected wirelessly to the network, Naim app on my phone connecting fine to the unitilite, picking up radio stations.

But… I can’t find Spotify or Tidal anywhere. Not on the front panel of the unit, not on the Naim app, not on my Spotify app. It’s also not seeing the music on my pc (which it did before) but that might just be a turn pc on and off again glitch.

So, where are Spotify and Tidal? What am I missing?

You may need to enable those inputs in the app settings

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Hi Pete, you should be fine, just follow the update instructions from the naim website and it will all go well I’m sure, happy updated listening!

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If it can’t see music on other devices on your network try a router restart.

If the update completed successfully, can you confirm that it’s showing version 4.7?

Did you do a factory reset on the streamer when the update finished?

If it’s working properly you should see the Tidal and Spotify icons on the app. You would then need to go to Input Settings and sign in.

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Have updated (see above) but no sign of Spotify in the nain app menus, and no sign of the unitilite in the Spotify menus.

I’m stumped.

Thanks Chris, I’ll try those steps.

Thank you for all the suggestions.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Successfully upgraded the firmware confirmed as the right version on the front panel
  2. Returned unitilite to factory settings and reconfigured all my input.
  3. Turned router off and on again
  4. Turned pc off and on again
  5. Restarted naim app, and powered down then restarted my mobile phone.

The situation is still:

  1. Spotify can’t find my unitilite (even though it recognises the Roku streaming stick attached to my TV

  2. Spotify is nowhere to be found in the Naim app (have looked at all the settings menus)

  3. The Unitilite now can’t find music on my PC (it could before the update).

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you.

Is the lite connected to the router / WiFi / internet? Pretty sure a factory reset wipes the WiFi settings.

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You may need to enable the input settings. Go to Unitilite in the app, then settings (the gear wheel), then “input settings” and enable Spotify and Tidal. Then back out and the options should be there on the Home Screen).



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Are you sure the update completed? On version 4.7 you should see Spotify and Tidal without having to reconfigure anything.

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Yes it definitely completed.

However, I seem to have installed version 4.6 - maybe I downloaded the earlier update by mistake. Would this make any difference? The installation notes on the website imply that Spotify was available with earlier updates.

Thanks again for the advice and suggestions.

4.7 is the latest, so I would suggest you load that and see what happens. It included some fixes for Tidal and iRadio, and also a fix for new features that failed to appear on the 4.6 update, so you might get lucky.
Download it from the web page I linked in a previous post and you’ll get 4.7

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