I want to start streaming as an addition to vinyl. I have a high end vinyl system. If I buy an ND5 XS2 will it be good? Should I look at a used NDX and XPS? Moons ago i had CDX2 which was transformed by the supply. Is the same true of Naim streamers? A new NDX2 might be beyond budget. Any clues on a good point to start appreciated.

The CDX2 is truly transformed by an XPS, but I’ve found the same levels of improvements are not carried thru to streamers. (in my case with NDX) & reading forum comments it seems the same with the latest streamer family.

As for what to go for, NDX is good well able for local NAS streaming but is limited in functionality with some aspects of web streaming. I would aim for a NDX2, have you looked around for a used or exdem unit?

Difficult to comment as we cannot see your system. You hint that you are used to a high end vinyl source. As such I would say that you probably need to aim for an NDX2 as a bare minimum. It is a great piece of kit which in my experience is taken to another level with a separate (XPS DR or 555) power supply. I think many here would agree that the benefits are tangible. I can’t comment on the effect with the original NDX though.

The NDX2, ND555 and Linn Akurate DSM were certainly beyond mine with a poor part exchange possibility of what i had and in any case wanted to get away from the proliferation of black boxes. I never demoed an NDX2 but did a Linn Akurate DSM which was very good soundwise. I ended up with an Auralic Altair G1 which I’m quite pleased with, although it is another black box :thinking:
Nowadays there are many decent possibilities for music streaming and as i mentioned in a previous post. It has matured in a good way since first coming out on the market.

It would really help to know what the rest of your system is for context and getting the right system balance.

As others have said, it would really help to know the rest of your setup. Why not put it in your profile, rather than ‘Naim’, which means virtually nothing. A lot depends on whether you want your streamer to be as good as your vinyl source. It’s worth searching the Forum for information on the effect of power supplies on the streamers, together with a read of Naim’s website to better understand how the various models can be upgraded if required.

If can live with the older platform a used NDS with XPS or even better a 555 is something of a bargain


I have a nac 282, nap 250, two hicaps and neat xli’s.

And what is your ‘high end vinyl’ source?It’s like pulling teeth!!


I went through this last year. Delighted now with a Core, NDX2 and originally XPS (now PS555) with a Linn Klimax LP12. I still prefer the Linn (just) but actually play the streamer more.

Another shout to put your full system on when asking for help though. Do it just once and we can click on your icon to see it!


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I run a Rega P8 vinyl front end and have found the Auralic Altair to be a good equivalent. Moving up in sound quality and cost is the Aries G1 plus Vega G1. The Auralic range seems to me to suit the sound signature of Naim kit and their black box design is not vastly different to the Naim boxes in appearance.

Have a listen to an ND5xs2, it might be enough for a second source and you’ll have more funds for the next cartridge.


Hi, My turntable is a origin live sovereign, Enterprise tone arm, Lyra Etna, Van den Hul grail phono stage. I departed from the lp12 route some years ago. My amp is nap 250 and a nac 282 plus 2x hi caps. Also have a Audioquest 3000. Witch Hat, Audipquest and tellurium cables. As for streaming i am knew

That was my thinking, is an nd5xs2 a good second source or will i forever compare

To match the sound quality of your turntable / cart/ phono, you need at least something as Nd555 .
So all depends if you want to achieve in the future a digital source at the level of your turntable, or just have a streamer to discover music with a satisfying sound.
Perhaps you could begin with an Nd5xs2, and later add the best dac you can afford.

Thank you. Interesting perspective. I had thought about Lumin or Auralic but somehow I am drawn away from the Far East product offerings.

An ND5XS2 will allow you to explore what streaming has to offer, and it will sound OK, but if you want a source that does justice to the rest of your system a good match would be NDX2/XPSDR. Yes, it’s expensive, but you have a £12,000 amp, and you shouldn’t expect a £2,000 XS level source to be good enough to match it.

If you are not drawn by “far east” products, which is difficult not to be by the way which ever way you go, then it looks like you are restricted with what you will end up with, because you clearly have a budget line.

I fear if we restrict ourselves to not using Chinese sources we will never buy another Naim product and I will have to sell my computer, mobile phone, probably my car and just about any other item that contains electronics. However the rational man will select on an irrational basis, I often do :slight_smile:

Regarding Auralic, although the products are mainly manufactured in China I believe the owner and the designs come from Singapore. The owner has expressed regret about the conditions imposed on workers in China, particularly Shangai I believe.

I don’t know the Origin Live products beyond the Skyline Basic (a turntable table which was good for the £50 it cost in 1990 or so) but assuming they’re as good as some say than you’ll struggle to better your vinyl with digital. I run an ND555, which is good enough to stand on its own in a 500 series system, even with just one ps, but it’s still not my primary source. It might have turned into a bit of an arms race just before I retired but £9000 spent on a turntable and arm with a £1k cartridge and my supercapped superline has it beat. Not that I’ll be giving up my 555 any time soon.

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