I’m very old school I use vinyl and cds I do use Spotify when I’m in the car and I’m asking myself would it be worth me buying a streamer as I already have a project bt box which I Bluetooth Spotify to my stereo,trying to find information on beginners guide to buying a streamer but it’s a minefield

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Try the Gramophone co uk website ‘Music streaming a beginners guide’. Looks quite good. Cannot post a commercial link but I am sure it will appear on a suitable search.

A good dealer to spend time showing you a couple of installation options might be an idea perhaps, although you can be sure of lots and of advice on here too


I have had the same dilemma since October last year, when I got on the Naim ladder with my 202/200 system.
I have run a temporary solution from Qobuz with a Dragonfly Cobalt DAC from my MAC and now have installed a Preloved DAC V1 using the same MAC.
It has proved to me how enjoyable the flexibility of Streamed Audio can be.
Future upgrades now include an NDX2 or ND5 XS2 to provide a dedicated Streaming solution into my soon to be added 282/300 system.
You have obviously done much the same trial with the Project box so the next step would be to try some real streamers out with your dealer. I had an ND5 XS2 off my dealer for a week and it definitely made the decision for me. :wink: :blush:


Yes I am a Naim user I’m asking the question coz I’m contemplating the nd5 xs which I can get at a reasonable price

There’s a reason why the ND5XS is cheap. It’s an old design with limited support for streaming services. Make sure you know it’s limitations and are happy with what it can do before you commit.

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A cheaper option with good support/updates is the Bluesound Node, and it seems quite popular here too. I’m also looking at the new EverSolo DMP-A6 which looks quite promising.

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I still have my vinyl and CDs but I never play them. All my music is saved in FLAC format on a NAS (which is backed up). My first streaming device was a Logitech Squeezebox touch. A few years ago I replaced this with a streaming preamp - a Naim 172.


It’s worth noting that Spotify has the lowest sound quality from all mainstream streaming services.


My dealer was trying to get me to swap out my CDS3 for a streamer while it would still demand a good price. I home demoed a NDX but it didn’t have the organic nature of the CDS3 to my ears so I stuck by my CDS3 even though vinyl has always been my #1 choice as a source.
Last year I decided to dip my toes into streaming and bought a Bluesound Node (N130). It’s better than it has any right to be for £549. I find I use the Node for casual listening, in particular Radio Paradise, and I’ll occasionally use Amazon Music to audition an album that has had glowing reviews or been recommended by a friend to see if I’d like to buy it on vinyl.
I bought a PCM recorder a few years back and recorded 70 or 80 vinyl albums at 24bit/96k and have these files on a USB drive in the back of the Node. However, if I want to listen one of the albums on the USB drive I’ll still use the actual LP.
Ironically, I use the Node more than the CDS3 now …

If a genuine opinion of a product is in line with a “fad”, is that opinion then a “fad”?

If there was a “fad” of the Primo, would you still favour it?

Answer my question then.
Also, why are you still here in light of the two criticisms you have made?

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Mature way to avoid a challenge.

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I have Spotify for the kids and Tidal (HiFi Plus quality) and streaming through NAC 272. Very satisfied with the quality compared to CDs.

I’m sorted now and I’ve gone for a bluesound node and very pleased with the decision


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